Forced by the world

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Well here, citizens, waited. The slow political component of our life at last - that proved with an early autumn fully. Though if to judge on the latest events, a full measure still ahead.

The actual disorder of ruling coalition in the Ukrainian parliament - of it try to frighten the people. And in vain, because the coalition in its today's, - Jure, a look couldn't satisfy any person in the country. She from the very beginning was born defective and defective. If to remember, how many important and necessary laws Rada accepted by means of this coalition of democratic forces, hand fingers just have to suffice.

And if to look at situational "coalition" which was created by BYuT fractions and Party of Regions and to compare number of the adopted bills in the first reading, the brains of our citizens obscured by summer heat can not notice reformatting. Laws adopt? Well and good. However, everything isn't so simple as it seems.

In January, 2006 the present prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko repeatedly declared that "BYuT can unite with "regions" only under a condition if the UFO takes away me on a plate, will conduct over me illegal researches and will deprive of me memory and mind. Other circumstances for such association don't exist".

Instead of so long ago, in August if who remembers, in the press noise was made on the fact that the prime minister can't - find, officials of the Secretariat of the president shouted that Tymoshenko where - that on the island of Sardinia agrees about something with Kuchma and Medvedchuk … You remember? Certainly, on any Sardinia the prime minister - the minister wasn't. Or perhaps then aliens tried?

No, well judge for yourself, deputies began the work and right there began to vote to acceptance, anticonstitutional, according to the President, bills. And who voted that - BYuT and regionals. Here also it turns out … And what, actually, it turns out? And that "nasheukrainets" took offense at "byutovets" that those didn't support these in a question of the official statement of the coalition in the relation российско - the Georgian military conflict.

There is a question:and why, actually BYuT has to support NUNS, and not the reverse? Only because Victor Yushchenko Honorary Chairman of "our Ukraine"? And how the renegades of the NUNS fraction who have created the party the Uniform center? Why on them anybody, except "samooboronets" didn't take offense? Already practically all structure of parliament demanded dismissal of the Head of the presidential secretariat the V. Balogi who is the secret head of "edinotsentrist" and "stirring up" the sharp statements to the government all Ukrainian politicum.

And here still "edinotsentristka" Lesya Orobets declared that for return (!) to the coalition which - who offers to 10 million dollars. If still some time ago deputies from BYuT said that them try to buy for 4-6 million dollars, now, is visible taking into account recent inflation, the prices significantly grew up. Here only, neither then, nor surnames of those who offered this money now weren't called. Well, on that it and public relations to promote. And what, "nasheukraitsa" supported an appeal of colleagues? No, didn't support, by this most having subscribed under charges to sworn brothers on the coalition. What you will order to do to colleagues?

And that they also made - started forcing to the world (thanks to Russians for the new phrase, - a bus) those who began war. Including, by adoption of the laws simplifying procedure of impeachment of the President, the actual resubmission of the public prosecutor, the chairman of SBU and governors from the President to Cabinet of Ministers. Whether there is it the next time bomb, will show time.

Whether will arise new - Jure the coalition in Rada, it isn't known. At "regionals" the internal problems began. It and long ago already irritating colleagues on party Raisa Bogatyreva whom the political council of PR excluded from the ranks for support of a position of the President of Ukraine across Georgia. Well, and as they wanted - Bogatyreva, after all the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, people state, here or - or …

It and Dmitry Tabachnik against whom Boris Kolesnikov took up arms personally, too not the last person in PR, all - the deputy Victor Fedorovich. And I was up in arms is it is softly told, here it is necessary to provide the direct speech of this dear Donetsk businessman:

"- If to be consecutive, that, it is necessary to begin not with Bogatyreva! Let's bring up a question of an exception of this cheap clown, Dmitry Tabachnik! For what? For performance at congress in Severodonetsk. You remember: Hugo's businessmen - the East seek to agree with Yushchenko as money loves silence.Who tells it? ! The embezzler of public funds who hasn't created in the life of any business? How he in general can judge? What he in general is able to do, besides, as books and pictures from and so rather poor Ukrainian museums to pinch?
We will surely insist on drastic measures on Tabachnika! This my opinion, Rinat Akhmetov and Hugo's all businessmen - the East - members of the Ave.
Arrangements, and the transparent power and honest laws are necessary to honest business not! Arrangements are important to the budgetary thieves like Tabachnik. To them the silence is required - with impunity to pinch it the state property. Ridiculously to read to me when write about Tabachnik's any "radicalization". Only independent people, and in any way embezzlers of public funds can be radicals! Dmitry Tabachnik and radicalism - concepts incompatible. Dmitry Tabachnik and corruption, thefts from the museums is and, compatible".

And if the new coalition doesn't arise, then Victor Yushchenko once again will dismiss the Verkhovna Rada. And if some "hotheads" from BYuT don't drag the bill of increase of an electoral threshold to 10 percent, having given, thus the road to two-party system, new elections especially will change nothing.

Well, unless will allow to earn by much, including numerous mass media. To that personally I will be very glad because to write free of charge about the outrage which is created in the Ukrainian politicum, went and it is opposite. We will wait, remained very little.


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