Yury Lutsenko claims that his political force won't give any voice for impeachment of the President Yushchenko.

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"I can officially tell now. National self-defense of any voice won't give for procedure of impeachment of the President Yushchenko. I guarantee it. Any voice under no circumstances. Despite of that, how many I offenses on the President, how many unfair actions from his party to me and to my political force, - will have no voice. Because the word "impeachment" is a taboo for any responsible politician of this country.

But if this right is stated in the Constitution and it is necessary to create the mechanism of a probable constitutional law of parliament on impeachment, this normal phenomenon. It is real the statement of system of counterbalances in the power. The president has the right to dismiss the Verkhovna Rada, but also the Verkhovna Rada under certain circumstances can dismiss the President. But once again I will emphasize: we won't give any voice from impeachment of mister Yushchenko. It is a principled stand of Self-defense", - Lutsenko declared.


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