Whether business is ready to new elections?

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All reflections of political scientists about the processes happening in the Ukrainian policy, eggs eaten away don't stand. Any sane person can independently define that to wait ahead, having glanced in the Forbes magazine. The American edition regularly gives quite objective food for the political analysis. Let's try it make.

So, before us the list of the richest people of Eastern Europe, published in the last number Forbes. The edition, relying, probably, on our awareness, doesn't specify political interests of billionaires. But we know that who what colors represents.

It is white - blue forRenat Akhmetov. The richest Ukrainian holds the second place of the list, conceding to the CzechTo Peter Kellner. The edition estimates Akhmetov's condition at $7,3 billion. In a year, writes Forbes, it increased by $3,3 billion.

It is red - white color is represented by the People's Deputy from BYuTKonstantin Zhevago. This owner of the metallurgical company Ferrexpo with assets is in $3,4 billion on the sixth place. And, the company managed to double profit just in the first half of the year 2008 - the period falling on vigorous activity of the governmentYulia Timoshenko.

The orange horseshoe symbolizing supporters of the PresidentYushchenko, I brought happiness at once to four superwealthy Ukrainians - co-owners of group PrivatTo Igor Kolomoysky and Gennady Bogolyubov(respectively $4,2 billion and $4 billion), and to co-owners of "The industrial union of Donbass"To Vitaly Gayduk and Sergey Taruta. The magazine estimated a condition of each of them at $2,7 billion

IsmoreVictor Pinchuk, taking, but it in view of the pronounced political apathy isn't of interest a high third place to this analysis.

Despite the political distinctions, the listed billionaires unites one: in a year they almost doubled the cost of assets.

And now put itself on their place. The party leader comes to you and speaks: we again want to remake political borders and therefore it is necessary to prepare for new elections.How you will treat it? Probably, offer cold "Perye's" glass.

Having answered nothing to the politician, you invite the partners in the evening in the Indian restaurant and you will ask them that question. And here for certain you will hear: and why also isn't present?

If to argue sensibly, elections are necessary to nobody. Electorate in years fairly steamed out, party cash desks are empty, prospects are foggy. In a word, any logic. But it, you see, isn't present and in a doubling of assets with rather low economic growth and high inflation. Eventually, everything depends from business - interests. If the magnate decides to change the ratio of forces which has developed, for example, in the Ukrainian metallurgy, in chemistry or the power sphere, he can get a political counter. But before it he together with partners will long think.

For now this decision isn't present, in the Ukrainian politicum there will be nothing meaning. Politicians will exchange mutual reproaches, journalists to watch never-ending consultations of the parties, and PR managers to throw new coals in inflamed fire.


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