Ukraine. The myth about a neutrality

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Who from Ukrainians agrees to serve "urgent" seven years? And then to "sorokovnik" on the first whistle to suffice the machine gun and to rush on construction? Whether Ukraine now in army ranks of 3,3% of the population may contain?

Told to Ukraine in Bucharest "no" concerning accession to the Plan of action concerning membership in NATO already became a reason for heated disputes. "Atlantista" believe that this issue will in the near future be resolved, their opponents continue to oppose alliance sharply. And once you expect new surge in activity of supporters of such future of Ukraine, a full neutrality.

Politicians insisted on a vneblokovost of our country how Ukraine started taking the first real steps towards North Atlantic alliance. Moreover, in this status "authors" of the Ukrainian independence saw our power. Such opportunity is discussed and today - in Kiev various "round tables" on a possible neutrality became fashionable long ago. Question thus one: if Ukraine doesn't enter NATO, what in that case its place in systems of the international security?

Baizes about Switzerland

In any blocks at the beginning of independence it is impossible to call postulates on a neutrality and not introduction strategic decisions. Then it was a question of anything, except the status of "the Soviet republic". The pier, now the main thing from the USSR to escape, and there it will be visible. Today it is a question of a neutrality as to alternative of the accession to NATO. Really - something in exchange after all should be offered! And, certainly, first of all the prospering, safe, completely neutral Switzerland is given as an example. What to us prevents to go on the same way?

Before becoming "the second Switzerland", it is worth looking narrowly at the first more attentively. Its neutrality is based on powerful armed forces and a role of "the world banker". Why - that our supporters of such model seldom remember that actually this country has very numerous and professionally trained army.

Personnel structure of the Swiss armed forces - only 5000 people. But it generally the instructor and command in which submission is constant so-called active and passive reserves.If to operate with terms habitual to us, conscription service depending on military specialty lasts 6-7 years. Then an active reserve - 4 more years. After that till 30 years everyone (from the mechanic to the large businessman! ) the Swiss is attached to one of military units, the weapon stores houses and regularly is on collecting where the key opens boxing in park of equipment and "saddles" a fighting vehicle. Till 42 years it is obliged to store houses the weapon, to be registered in a reserve and to arrive on the first signal to collecting. As a result in the country with the population of 7 million 500 thousand people constantly under a gun there are 250 thousand in armies and 280 thousand in forces of civil defense, and the general reserve makes 360 thousand people.

Unsuccessful reference point

And who from Ukrainians agrees to serve "urgent" (even if spending the night at home, instead of in barracks, but wearing a uniform and executing orders) seven years? And then to "sorokovnik" on the first whistle to suffice the machine gun and to rush on construction? And still question: and whether Ukraine now in army ranks of 3,3% of the population (it "may contain all - navsy" 1 million 518 thousand people) and slightly more - in parts of civil defense? Who from politicians is capable to explain where Ukraine to dig up resources on more than 3 million military? Moreover and to carry out continuous preparation and the maintenance of a reserve (now in the Ministry of Defence counted, what our country is able to have a professional reserve on condition of preservation of its fighting capacity no more than in any 10 thousand people)?

It isn't necessary to be the great economist to understand: right after the beginning of similar experiment domestic economy collapse waits. About the second Swiss guarantor of a neutrality - - in a case with Ukraine it is better for role of the international banker to keep silent. At present it is represented a fantasy.

By the way, Swisses gradually arrive at idea that from the point of view of economy, neither policy, nor safety the full neutrality is unprofitable. Therefore in their government and society everything is more actively discussed a question of the entry of the country in EU, for now - about more flexible treatment of the principle of a neutrality. Thus business isn't limited to discussions. So, in May, 2004 "the second package" sectoral contracts of EU - Switzerland which (together with "the first package", operating since June 1, 2002) is some kind of alternative to the entry of Switzerland in EU is signed. After referenda of 2005.the country joined the Schengen and Dublin contracts, on it provisions of the Contract on freedom of movements between Switzerland and the new members of EU who have entered into Alliance in 2004 extend. That is while in Ukraine representatives of some political forces take Switzerland, Bern in an example, gradually being disappointed in own full neutrality, gravitates to the all-European structures more and more.

In the European Union, but not in NATO

The second postulate relating to alternative to NATO - to enter EU, and alliance - a foot. And here nuances, that present foreign policy of the European Union - Jure and - the fact (the common position of Brussels, instead of opinion of the certain European countries means), at least at present, is completely oriented on block policy suffice. There is a question: if to speak about military safety, Ukraine is going "to be noted" by participation in what structures? Here the answer one - in the All-European armed forces. Unfortunately, they while too depend on NATO, but in the short term, judging by determination of the largest European countries, the situation can change. We will notice that the municipal educational institution conducts today negotiations with EU concerning possible participation of our Armed forces in the all-European SBR.

And the last option - to ensure the safety membership in the Organization of the Contract on collective security (the so-called Tashkent contract), a child of Moscow. At a present format of communication of Kiev with White stone it is difficult to imagine normal dialogue within ODKB and the organization didn't get finally on feet. On the one hand, without constructive participation of Russia hardly it is possible to call this idea successful, with another - Ukraine tried to create own regional organization which would be engaged as торгово - economic, and military questions (GUAM). But in practice it appeared where it is more difficult "to drive" operation of the block, than to declare it.

Therefore sooner or later it is necessary to cross through political ambitions and to resolve a blokovost issue. As experience of the western states testifies, it is the most effective way to provide and weight on the international scene, and national security.


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