Contrary to public protests, hunting for Kinburne proceeds

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Hunting on the Kinburnsky spit which, according to the decision of the Nikolaev regional council, is regionalno - landscape park, so - belongs, to prirodno - to reserved fund of Ukraine, proceeds. So regional management of forest and hunting economy of which the deputy of regional council, "regional" Pyotr Palamaryuk is at the helm disposed. Didn't convince - on Palamaryuk to stop hunting even mass protests of public organizations and pickets under management walls.

- Our requirements for the termination of hunting of park territories are completely ignored by the management of management of forest and hunting economy, - the director of regional landscape park "Kinburnsky Braid" Zinoviy Petrovich told the correspondent of "News of N". - We addressed in all possible instances - in prosecutor's office, in the Ministry. On Saturday and on Sunday hunting proceeded. We checked: on the Kinburnsky Spit about ten people hunted. Killed where - that 19 birds. Generally it is a teal - крестоног and кряква. At people with guns the cards allowing them to hunt were written out. Palamaryuk's instructions were - to continue hunting. And hunters try to hide quantity of the killed bird. More than five individuals try not to hold because know that it is dangerous. While you will reach on a bog hunters, they have opportunity everything to hide. Or to throw where far away.

The complaint concerning hunting for reserve territories, according to Zinoviy Petrovich, was transferred to Ochakov regional prosecutor's office. Then seriously the nature protection prosecutor's office of area was engaged in this business. It charged to ecological inspection to study the hunting facts on the Kinburnsky spit and to carry out on them an inspection. No reaction from these instances while, however, is present.

- I asked the prosecutor of the Ochakov area that it suspended hunting, at least during trial, - Zinoviy Petrovich speaks. - On Friday, at the end of day, I was at it.It didn't suspend hunting.

It is important to note that the most favourite place of hunters is Biyenkova плавни, RLP "Kinburnsky Braid" which were part. The plavnyakh lives 17 types of fauna which are entered in the European red list and the World red list, and 45 types of fauna included in the Red List of Ukraine in Biyenkov. From rare birds: the pelican pink, a cormorant small, a heron yellow, the mower, a korovayka, a stork black, common people belooky, Gogol, скопа, лунь field, a sea eagle - белохвост, подорлик big, деркач, is cool - долгоног, кульон big, кульон average, an okolovodnik stavkovy, the sandpiper - forty, baranets big, мартын Caspian, a kryachok Caspian.

We will remind that 30-го and 31-го August in a reserved zone 30 people hunted. They hit more than 300 individuals of birds.


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