Tymoshenko promises officials of "cleaning"

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To deal with political chaos, it is necessary to make changes to the Constitution of Ukraine immediately. About it as the correspondent of ForUm'a reports, on a press - conferences on Monday were twisted by the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko.

"Today we have to understand accurately for ourselves one thing - the Constitution needs to be changed immediately, urgently. And no countries, any persons who is out of parliament should have relation to it. I am sure that this chaos in the power needs to be stopped as soon as possible", - she told.

Besides, the prime minister emphasized that the main changes in the Constitution will concern a judicial branch of the power. "It is necessary to clean, clean and clean official posts which are held by corruption and make corruption "broth". We will make nothing in fight against corruption, yet we won't exempt court from administrative influence - the Verkhovna Rada, the Presidential Administration, the President. As a matter of fact, of this influence also there is pressure upon courts to cover corruption and all bad that occurs in the state. Therefore such courts it is necessary to dismiss, and we will give the mechanism which not "to gas will strike", and the real mechanism at which judicial authority, in - the first, will be interested in adoption of lawful decisions. In - the second, each judge will be responsible for each illegal decision made by it. And responsibility will be born by judges up to criminal", - summed up Tymoshenko.


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