Zhvaniya suggested the Krill to throw Yushchenko and to pass to Tymoshenko?

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The People's Deputy of Ukraine ("Our Ukraine — National Self-defense" fraction), the leader of political party "Uniform Center" Igor Kril declares that the colleague on fraction David Zhvaniya suggested it to work in team of the leader of BYuT Yulia Timoshenko.

He reported about it yesterday in time a press - conferences in Ternopol.

"In December of last year Zhvaniya spoke to me: "Igor, throw Yushchenko, we go to Tymoshenko". But I don't want to throw Yushchenko. I will never work for Tymoshenko because she in my understanding professes the anti-Ukrainian policy, having contacted through Medvedchuk Russia", - the Krill told.

"Anticonstitutional bills were introduced in parliament by Portnov, Lavrinovich - close people to Victor Medvedchuk. We guess to whom to please they do it. Look at steps of these politicians - and all of you will understand", - the leader of ETs noted.

In his opinion, now in Ukraine the situation which already took place in the Ukrainian policy repeats. "Once Medvedchuk already removed Yushchenko - the prime minister and declared that that never becomes a President. Then it a banner had Yanukovych, now - Tymoshenko. More distinguished banner, but more cynical", - is considered by the Krill.

Thus he called present opposition in the Verkhovna Rada apogee of fight of two political vectors - pro-Ukrainian and anti-Ukrainian


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