The parliament deprives of Yushchenko of Internal troops

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Having cleaned from the name of power structure the "army" word, People's Deputies expect to deprive of the president Victor Yushchenko as commander-in-chief of Armed forces of influence on National guard. The document plan to submit for vote in parliament next week. According to the deputy head of committee of Rada on fight against organized crime Nikolay Dzhigi, the bill will support the majority of people's deputies.

Earlier the president Victor Yushchenko carried out a number of meetings with the General Staff of Ukraine, appointed check of internal troops from September 15 to September 30.

The People's Deputy from WELL - NANOSECOND Anatoly Gritsenko considers that the head of state is adjusted on power option of permission of a political conflict in the country. Just on September 16 expires the term of existence of the democratic coalition.

Till October the Verkhovna Rada has to consider the bill of creation of National guard of Ukraine on the basis of Management of internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This document last Wednesday was approved by parliamentary committee on fight against organized crime. According to the deputy head of committee Nikolay Dzhigi, deputies already recommended to the Verkhovna Rada to approve the bill in the first reading. "I think, its removal in a sessional hall will require about two weeks", the deputy reported.

Creation of National guard doesn't become usual change of a sign. First of all, having cleaned from the name the "army" word, deputies девоенизируют this division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. As a result of renaming the president as the commander-in-chief of armed forces won't have any more influence on National guard. Otherwise, the deputy argues, there will be a danger of use of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in political goals. It gave the recent decree of the president Victor Yushchenko as an example about the organization of inspection of internal troops. "It means reduction them in combat readiness, lifting on alarm etc.", he speaks.

According to the author of the bill People's Deputy Gennady Moskal, protection and defense of important objects, participation in protection of a public order, and also performance of other tasks demanding constant operational readiness and increased mobility and etc. will be the main objective of National guard.

As well as internal troops, National guard will enter into structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The dislocation and number of the new created structure can be partially changed. Today as a part of internal troops of 20 thousand regular soldiers and 20 thousand officers.

We will remind, in April the Verkhovna Rada rejected the bill of the president which also took the initiative of creation of National guard. The document provided National guard creation (on the basis of internal troops) numbering 30 thousand people with its simultaneous removal from system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs


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