Komsomol - a smithy of Lugansk elite

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It is considered that the present management of Lugansk regional council - first of all its chairman Valery Golenko is people who are completely controlled by Victor Tikhonov whereas to his long-term colleague Alexander Efremov attribute control over city council of the regional center. But except them in area there is still a significant amount of natives of Komsomol who still kept personal and business - communications.

As began the pits Alexander Kiselyov, Alexander Efremov, Victor Tikhonov, Valentin Dzon and Alexander Kobitev

The elite of the Lugansk power is a dozen of people who completely control the region. First of all is those who is at top of a pyramid of regional policy.

The most part of people who held leading posts in power structures in the Luhansk region in recent years - natives of Komsomol and party structures. In Soviet period it there was the only ladder on which it was possible to get on career height.

These people are connected by the long-term personal and office relations, they constantly are present at information space of the region, and only circumstances do them either allies, or opponents.

"Komsomol members as Jews - one big and close-knit family"

Oleg Ivanovich Kotlyar now - the adviser to the head of the regional center of employment. To it already for 60, but the former first secretary of the Lugansk city town committee of KPU perfectly remembers all those who now defines a political policy of the region, influences its economic state. He says that a secret of long-term cohesion of Lugansk Komsomol members that they are connected by the old personal relations, and a factor of office subordination - already on the second place.

"When all of them came to Komsomol very few people thought of career - they were real youth leaders. On pits and prospects started reflecting then when there were already personal contacts. Though it now at them at all very different relations.Probably, the reason of contentions became business - interests. But I am not informed on details of these conflicts. And in general Komsomol members as Jews - one big and close-knit family", - laughing Kotlyar speaks.

He still considers that the Komsomol was the most powerful personnel school at which present politicians should learn still to methods of education of state managers. Generally - that, Kotlyar considers that in Ukraine now and parties - that as those don't exist, not to mention youth structures which could enter new faces into policy.

Time when under the chairmanship of Alexander Efremov in the regional state administration "a team of Komsomol members" - Efremov, Kobitev was gathered, Dzon and so on - Kotlyar considers as the best for area. It is sure that it was the strongest regional team - unlike all their successors.

Oleg Kotlyar knows many present politicians for 30 years, and still remembers, what impression they made on it several decades ago. "All of them were different people, - Kotlyar speaks. - Kiselyov and Efremov were always allocated with the grip of steel, Dzon was the born analyst. Valery Golenko became the secretary of a city town committee of Komsomol, having won alternative elections, as well as Sergey Rekiyanov - the secretary of regional committee. Alexander Kobitev was the youngest secretary of a district committee and when I saw it for the first time, at once understood that from it there will be a sense - and it turned out, in three years it passed let from the simple institute activist to the second secretary of regional committee of Komsomol. And I am sure that he would head also the Komsomol Central Committee if the Union didn't collapse. One of the reasons of present problems in the country - personnel crisis. We, in fact, now "eat up" those shots which were brought up in Komsomol. Both Kiselyov, and Kobitev, both Efremov, and Dzon is gold personnel reserves.

"Yes, now they have different relations. But I am sure that they have a future - now they at that age when political activity can be the most productive.

"In each of them there was "a Komsomol core"

Gennady Borshch in the middle of 80-x headed the Komsomol organization at plant of electromechanical mechanical engineering (Now - "Machine works 100"). Just at that time the most part of present politicians already sat in chairs of heads of Komsomol structures. Says that with Alexander Kiselyov got acquainted when that was the first secretary of a city town committee of Komsomol, and Alexander Efremov headed the Lenin district committee.Valery Golenko then worked as the secretary of the Komsomol organization of Lugansk aviagroup, Alexander Kobitev was the secretary of the Zhovtnevy district committee.Now Gennady Borshch directs Lugansk branch of JSC "Ukrenergougol"- the enterprise delivers the electric power on the coal enterprises. "To me suggested to continue career at hardware work, but "the factory pipe" was always closer to me. And in general - at those who passed production school, other relation to life. And no party work of it will replace", - he considers.

He says that the personal friendly relations between Komsomol members really remained, despite years. "After union disorder all supported each other, and now times others. And the relations became others - not because someone became bad, and someone good. Simply ways of many dispersed", - tells the Borsch. He considers that in each of them there was "a Komsomol core". "And state and problem business they see many through a prism of Komsomol experience. Efremov now - purely state person, I already also don't approach to it - so unless to wish happy birthday, - the Borsch grins. - Kiselyov what was then, 20 years ago, such and remained. But it has such line: while the decision is discussed, all can tell anything, express the opinion but when the decision is made, try it not to execute. Though Efremov more strict … They very much were on friendly terms in due time - I don't know, what now at them the relation. These are two very strong persons, but they very different. Дзонь always I was detailed and thoughtful. I remember when me in 2003 to a present position appointed, - the governor Alexander Kobitev was vice-. I - then the founder of Lugansk branch of "Ukrenergougol", - and my general from Kiev, came to it into an office. I'm saying: Hello, Alexander Evgenyevich. And he looked at me so reproachfully and speaks: What I to you Alexander Evgenyevich? We how many are familiar years with you?... Then discussed a situation on the enterprise, personnel questions, and the director general offered me to a position of the head of Lugansk management. And Kobitev was against my candidate, and told me about it directly, looking in eyes. Here for it I also respect it that intrigues didn't begin to spin. And the director general insisted on my candidate". In general the Borsch doesn't want to speak about Komsomol intrigues - say, bad I don't remember, and life itself will sort things out.But right there remembers how once I saw on Nikolay Pesotsky Street and the first I greeted it. Pesotsky even was surprised. "I bad to it didn't make anything, and it slung mud all the both friends, and enemies. He already began to be afraid of itself(himself) and thinks that all such, as it. It isn't correct", - tells the Borsch.

Kiselyov: "I treated Komsomol with big scepticism"

Alexander Kiselyov appears the first in political arena of the region. In its biography a position of the head of Gaz Ukrainy Group, he was the People's Deputy 4 convocations, now - the deputy of Lugansk regional council. It designated on a post of the chairman of the regional state administration in 2006, spoke and about possibility of its election on a post of the chairman of Lugansk regional council. Enters ten the richest people of area according to the Kommentarii newspaper. He is 55 years old.

Alexander Kiselyov got to Lugansk on distribution after the termination of Donetsk state university in "Radiophysics and electronics". I worked in one of Lugansk scientific research institutes. But literally in one and a half years him invited to work in Komsomol.

"I was, generally - that, is indifferent to public life in that model that the Soviet concept offered. Wrong I was - Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin went crazy from Beatles. I read avidly self-published Strugatsky, I ran on semi-underground displays of movies of Tarkovsky, I played the guitar in amateur VIA on so-called then "dances". By the way, it in the seventieth was scary fashionable and dizzy - girls simply in a faint were from musicians! But it was necessary to play well, almost professionally. After all it also earnings. Generally, I was occupied up to a throat. What Komsomol? ! We and from meetings in every way tried to be washed away - time expensively... Plus to everything I is a physicist, and the relation of our brother to norms of the Soviet life - life only lazy didn't discuss. No, I wasn't an anti-adviser, but obviously musty atmosphere absolutely didn't please me.

And at my family of the relation with the power developed frankly badly. My grandfather on the father in 1938 according to the classical scheme under article 58/10-of a comment rang out in the Kolyma GULAG for 10 years without the right of correspondence. Five children remained without piece of bread. Probably, it also induced it to escape and, I consider, a human feat - to pass 4000 kilometers on foot on the woods and bogs, and in 42 - m to come home to the native village under the Red Beam - agree, everyone will decide on it far not! The Lord helped and the grandfather any more didn't touch.Even when the time of Khruschev's thaw came, the grandfather didn't begin to ask about rehabilitation - to the power didn't trust, considered it through false and nothing in common with it didn't wish to have. Certainly, and at the father, despite his faultless fighting 10 years in Red Army - with 42-го on 52-й, after the termination of institute of a problem appeared. Well, the son of "the enemy of the people", let can't though seven spans in a forehead and with the most naykrasneyshy diploma to get to postgraduate study! Eventually, running away from the Volga region from the actual lack of money and hunger, appeared in fertile and nourishing, as for the beginning of the sixtieth, Debaltsevo. Yes so there also remained.

So the invitation me for work in Komsomol, certainly, was surprising. I tried to find adherents, to convince party chiefs of something... Low bow and light memory early to the left Ivan Andreevich Lyakhov, the real Teacher and the Person. If not it, "партайгеноссе" to me a nose would hurt in a week and fast threw out. And so - all the same threw out, but a bit later in this connection I and was in time something. Though, judging by amount of the dirt, professionally thrown to me on destiny and in important then for life a party card, categorically not that it was pleasant партбоссам".

For some years of work in Komsomol Kiselyov does a meteoric career - and in 1980 - the m heads a Komsomol city town committee, working at this position to 1983-го. Dismiss him with big scandal, accuse with assignment of money, and send into "honourable exile" to teplovozostroitelny plant (now - "Luganskteplovoz"). There up to the assistant to the general director Kiselyov also works at different positions to Union disorder. Then starts being engaged in business.

Instead of Kiselyov the chair of the first secretary of a city town committee of Komsomol is occupied by Alexander Efremov. "In 1980 I on a table had a report in which Efremov's surname appeared, - Kiselyov remembers. - To me, then the first secretary of the Lugansk city town committee of Komsomol, reported that the institute Komsomol activist Efremov came from army and work is necessary to it. It very much was pleasant to me at a meeting and I without hesitation recommended it for quite high position of the head of department oboronno - mass and sports work. Plenum of a city town committee approved it and it started working. Also it is necessary to pay tribute - fine and skillfully to work! So after a year of its work I used the best efforts in order that it became the first secretary of the Lenin district committee of Komsomol, and me, thank God, it worked well".

Efremova brought into Komsomol the girl

Alexander Efremov now - the People's Deputy, the vice-chairman of PR fraction in parliament, the head of committee of questions of Regulations, deputy activity and ensuring work of BP, the head of the PR Lugansk regional organization, ex-the governor of the region. To it now 54 years. I appeared in political arena in 1983 - m

A. Efremov says that his parents wanted that he connected the life with the culture sphere - mother drew on training at music school and receipt in a cultural gleam school. He grew up on the suburb of Lugansk, in the Kamennobrodsky area.

"But I, without agreeing on the decision with parents, I filed documents to technical school of transport construction, on faculty "Industrial and civil engineering". At the end of a third year my class teacher approached to me and told that I - only who can finish a stream with the diploma with honors, only for this purpose it is necessary to hand over the remained two sessions perfectly well. But I didn't think of it at all - in technical school played in vokalno - tool ensemble, money for the equipment was necessary to us, and we weren't an exception - unloaded cars to earn on adapters and amplifiers … We lived this ensemble", - Efremov remembers.

To Komsomol at Efremov's school didn't admit - because it came to one of community work days without shovel and got to lists of "undisciplined". But over time Efremov received the Komsomol ticket. "The secretary of the Komsomol organization of group in whom I was a head, approached to me Lena Eltysheva, took me by hand in a literal sense and brought into the Kamennobrodsky district committee of Komsomol. Considering that, I to it treated with sympathy, fine didn't resist - where led, there and went, - Efremov laughs. - In a district committee me asked, whether I read the Charter, on what Lena answered: "and he perfectly studies and takes part in cultural life of technical school". So, actually, I also got to Komsomol".

The technical school Efremov in 1973 - m to year finished with the diploma with honors, filed documents to Mashinstitut (now - the East Ukrainian national university of a name of V. Dahl). I arrived on faculty "Automation of productions", but I "failed" at the first examination - on the three I handed over mathematics. "I received the three from - that solved problems correctly, but in the decision didn't specify all actions which made. For me it there was an accident - I simply didn't prepare for other examinations.Orally I handed over mathematics without preparation is there was the only chance to receive the five. I handed over. I passed other examinations without problems and I arrived. For the first time I faced Komsomol at institute - partorgy of our faculty there was my namesake. Me elected the head of group, then the secretary of the Komsomol organization of faculty. I headed the Komsomol organization, studied perfectly well though many teachers didn't do discounts for public work. After the third session I began to get the Lenin grant in 100 rubles are there was big money, I was engaged in scientific work, received 45 more rubles. I went to construction crews, in summertime earned decently. Generally, active students were able to afford to provide a certain standard of living. I was the scholar before the end of training, conducted Komsomol work, was elected the member of bureau of a city town committee of Komsomol. At institute me admitted and to the party - then without party-membership card there was to think of career no sense. Though, frankly speaking, then I yet didn't understand it. After the institute termination I had an option of a place of work - but I was already married, I gave birth to the son, and I decided not to go to Leningrad as offered, and to remain here, on Lugansk machine-tool factory of a name of Lenin - and I am not sorry still. Then me called up for military service, and after service I wanted to return on plant. But I didn't manage to get demobilize as my party documents came to a party city town committee, me invited to conversation and suggested to work in a Komsomol city town committee. Then in a Komsomol city town committee Sasha Kiselyov was the first secretary … We with Kiselyov worked some years together, then he recommended me the first secretary of the Lenin district committee of Komsomol. After me elected the first secretary of a city town committee. Kiselyov was very capable, was able to present well something, as well as all Komsomol leaders, worked much. But it was, as though it to tell, a little non-standard, was, as though now it called, more advanced. If not certain insinuations, from - for which it had to leave Komsomol … I don't want to speak why it left. Simply there was no relation with some ranks in a party city town committee".

Kiselyov has a bit different vision of that history: "I began with the instructor of department, reached the first secretary of a city town committee of Komsomol. And then in me, probably, at last - that saw something not the suitable - probably, any dissent. I when went to Komsomol, was put on that I will be able to change it. But of me in 1983 "got to the core" and from Komsomol expelled.It was well registered and played intrigue - accused of assignment of the means intended on an award of non-staff activists, took out strict reprimand with entering in the registration form of the party member - that is nearly didn't expel from party. Probably, Nikolay Mikhaylovich Popov - nowadays the dead - decided to liquidate me as an irresponsible element in the ranks of a leading party layer. Probably, wanted me also as to destroy the person, but it didn't turn out. However, the bitter deposit remained to this day. Probably, therefore the first a two-three of years it was difficult to communicate with the former colleagues and colleagues … I then didn't know all truth and necessarily everywhere saw treachery. Fondly, but fact. It became clear then that many simply tried to survive, having departed aside … Well and God all and to all judge … After resignation from a post of the first secretary of a city town committee I worked at Teplovozostroitelny plant at a usual position, in department of control of quality of production. Actually, at that time also I got acquainted with Victor Tikhonov. The remarkable person, and we were on friendly terms many years. Since 1992 I left on free bread, left from a position of the assistant to the director general. I borrowed from the taxi driver of 10 thousand rubles - taxi drivers then were very wealthy people. Business also began with it".

However, later 25 years and Kiselyov, and Efremov already "cooled down".

"As it seemed to me, Kiselyov in life received answers to questions which arose then - not him there was a fault in that situation. After I came to its place, we had tense relations, but over time everything fell into place and cleared up. I still consider that in my life there is a friend and companion Sasha Kiselyov. When to us well we can be different. But when to us badly we will be together - I don't doubt it. It that speak about Komsomol members - from the other end of the world will arrive, and only then will ask, why", - Efremov speaks.

Efremov was the first secretary of a city town committee of Komsomol from 1983 to 1987, then returned to work for Lugansk machine-tool factory of a name of Lenin - disagreed to go to Artemovsky district executive committee. Says that didn't want to lose itself as professional. "I am convinced: if the person is distracted from any professional work, he becomes vulnerable, and it can easily be manipulated - I didn't want to lose myself as expert, and career continuation on the party line would make of me the official. I then would lose myself, the "I".

After resignation from a position of the first secretary of a city town committee of Komsomol Efremov received a position of the deputy head of the department No. 2 on Lugansk machine-tool factory of a name of Lenin and as his chief was ill much, actually the former first secretary of a city town committee of Komsomol directed shop - then he was 34 years old. Speaks what exactly then to it was necessary to remember "kambrodsky youth" - it was the most younger on age from all heads and therefore workers recognized it not at once. Once Efremov left all the shop to work in the second change on December 31 - didn't manage to implement the plan. "Workers who tried to convince me of quite sharp form that I am not right rushed into an office - then I had to remember the kambrodsky youth and to speak with application of an offensive language. But after holidays when workers got paid 13-ю, extra charges and awards - came and apologized. When the party already started being unsteady, me elected partorgy plant. Where - that in 1987-88 we got acquainted with Victor Tikhonov - him at the same time elected partorgy Teplovozostroitelny plant - and at Lenin's plant, and at plant of October Revolution Communist Party committees were with the rights of district committees of party - at our plants there was a majority of party members in the city. We defined decisions of city party committee … So to our friendship 20 years! "

Victor Tikhonov: "I simply got to a track"

Valery Golenko replaces with positions of the first secretary of the Lugansk city town committee of Komsomol Efremov in 1987 (now - the chairman of Lugansk regional council). It - only from all Komsomol bosses who refused to give interview on this matter. I told that now to tell about it "not time". So it is necessary to ask on the biography of the present chairman of Lugansk regional council at his colleagues.

In 1988 to a political position gets andVictor Tikhonov. In the past he is a first deputy head of regional administration, 8 years worked as the chairman of Lugansk regional council, in last convocation of Rada was the deputy head of committee on questions of the State construction and local government, now - нардеп, but works already in the budgetary committee. He is 59 years old.

It, however, then already was more senior than all Komsomol members from 80-x, and his career took place not in Komsomol, and in party bodies.

"I passed a way from the simple worker to the chief economist "Luganskteplovoz", - Tikhonov speaks.- The last position which I held prior to political career - the head of department of work and a salary, often I replaced the plant manager on economy. In 1986 I had a salary 1,5 thousand rubles. Me called in a city town committee of party and told that I will work now in plant trade-union committee. Then the discipline was iron, and nobody asked a consent. I tried to appeal to that there nobody knows me and me to this position won't elect, but it didn't affect … Elected the chairman of trade-union committee, a salary - 240 rubles …". Tikhonov directed trade-union committee of the enterprise of 2 years largest in the city of Lugansk - from 1986 to 1988. "Now it would call "I got to a track". I planned to return to economic work then … But having become the head of trade-union committee of plant where 36 thousand people worked, I became at once the member of bureau of a city town committee of party, got to All-Union central office of labor unions, generally, in the nomenclature".

"I wasn't engaged before in party work, was simply the party member - by the way, we entered with Yagoferov (Anatoly Yagoferov - Tikhonov's who has become subsequently his critic and the opponent the godfather, now нардеп from BYuT) in one day. He persuaded me to enter it a party, said that without it anywhere …", - Victor Tikhonov remembers.

Tikhonov considers that the main step to his party career was taken during one of personal receptions of the first secretary of regional committee of party Ivan Lyakhov. Victor Tikhonov then was the chairman of trade-union committee of plant. "To Lyakhov one complainant who already several times the director general of plant had on reception came to reception. This overage big fellow in the 50 years lived with mother, and all the time stood up for the rights where only it is possible. Then there was such order: if the person got on reception to the first secretary, the issue surely had to be resolved that he wouldn't ask. It had to create authority of the government. And to contradict the first secretary of regional committee of party of death it was similar.Nikolay Zaporozhtsev (now - the vice-chairman of the Lugansk regional state administration)then I was Lyakhov's first assistant. From eight asked the complainant to Lyakhov of questions three were simply not solved. It with these requirements already got all, I had to choose almost potato in a warehouse, wash and bring to it home. And firewood to it to gather, and to it to kindle an oven. Generally, requirements were absurd. I told Poles to fulfill all its requirements - I answered that doesn't agree.Nikolay Zaporozhtsev "made eyes" at me and gave signs that I didn't contradict Lyakhov … But I held the ground, at once told that it is possible to resolve three issues from eight. It I was approximately 1987-88, then already such subordination wasn't … I was for such at once in working would degrade earlier, for dispute with the first secretary. As a result it turned out on - to mine, Zaporozhetses left for me Lyakhov's office and I started reading: you, say, went crazy … I quietly spoke with the party administration because itself in the party structural I didn't work … After a while to me started hinting that is interested in me Poles. He considered that from me it is necessary "to mold" the party head. I consider him as the father of the political career. 1988 to me suggested to head plant Communist Party committee. It was the offer which it was impossible to refuse - presented with a fait accompli. There I worked till 1990", - Victor Tikhonov speaks.

Valentin Dzon: "I simply very much wanted to receive the certificate first in life"

The People's Deputy 4 convocations, ex-the vice-chairman of the regional state administration, now - the head of the regional organization of Uniform Center party Valentin Dzon the last before Union disorder worked years as the first secretary of the Severodonetsk city town committee of party of the Luhansk region. Now he is 51 years old.

Дзонь says that his career also wasn't caused by a family tree. Its party biography was without any sharp differences. I started being engaged in public work at school, at school I entered Komsomol. "Parents at me - the simple people, all life worked in the village. I won't tell that I was especially ideological, but me, I remember, there was a strong wish to receive the certificate first in life, with the photo. Then I was 14 years old and passports yet didn't give. It was for me a growing symbol, it seemed to me that the status even increased in school, - with a smile Valentin Dzon remembers. - I remember how us admitted to Komsomol … Though then when itself I worked in a city town committee of Komsomol I saw this ugly conveyor, I thought: interestingly, and those who accepted me, were the same opinion on this process? ".

Later - the Taganrog radio engineering institute, there - party joining. After institute - work on Severodonetsk automatic equipment plant. But the engineer Dzon I worked only one year. "The policy went to damage of my main specialty because social works occupied essential part of my time, without giving the chance to master a profession.And my future profession was badly combined with the public status because demanded concentration, even closeness. The Severodonetsk plant of automatic equipment was a good place for career growth - but my brains were sent to other sphere, in a year I already worked in a Komsomol city town committee. I began in 1980 - m, in 1989 I was already the second secretary of a city town committee of party, then - the first secretary. Usually career normally developed at that Komsomol member who had the mentor. It was necessary to prove to it devotion, understanding of ideology of the teacher, and then in process of the career growth of the teacher all his school moved also. Anatoly Kasyanov - the former secretary of the Severodonetsk city town committee, then the head of regional committee and regional executive committee was my mentor … Certainly without it it wouldn't be simple to do career to me. Already I passed school of an economic board in a party city town committee is there was not public work, and economic activity. In parallel I graduated from the higher party school - in absentia … And then, in the prime of life, in 35 years it appeared without work. Behind shoulders there was a serious political career, and in suddenly all of us were to nobody necessary. We became derelicts, месячишко попьянствовали after those events, it was necessary to be defined what to do farther. To us then more allowed to do nothing - dragged on prosecutor's offices, and everything that we could is to gather where - нибудь in garage and under a liqueur glass something to discuss where us tomorrow "will invite". At the first stage we assumed that such country can't be disorganized that will still change. Then understood that this process irrevocable. I appeared in business, worked at a concrete factory, friends on the same Komsomol helped me to organize joint Ukrainian - the American enterprise, we very successfully traded in serious goods, in particular, exported chemical production. After that, in 1998 - m, invited me to RAVINES".

Valentin Dzon says that he got acquainted with Alexander Efremov "in that life" "Was the first secretary of a city town committee of Komsomol in Lugansk, I worked in Severodonetsk, we were included together into governing bodies of the regional organization from it, generally - that, and our contacts began. In the Komsomol biography with Efremov I had no especially bright pages. I wouldn't tell that our relations were too close, but, we will tell so, we belonged to each other with interest. Lugansk and Severodonetsk were not ordinary organizations in area, we had an internal competition, but thus we built the man's relations.In many respects probably it defined its personnel decisions which Efremov made in 1998", - Valentin Dzon notes.

Дзонь says that with Alexander Kobitev got acquainted in 1984, and one of the brightest memoirs of those times - history how Kobitev in March on one Komsomol carousal brought a fresh water-melon. "Today very few people you will surprise with it, but then it there was a wonder. Now I remember it it with humour, but I understand that such effective appearance of the person to me was remembered. The water-melon was "any", but became an occasion to communicate. We then understood that we have many general views on life. Sasha then headed the Zhovtnevy district committee of Komsomol, I was the second secretary of regional committee of Komsomol, then I went to party regional committee, and it came to my place. Then me invited to RAVINES, also Sasha" there came.

Kobitev (in the past working as the deputy, the first deputy and the acting as the chairman of Lugansk regional administration) with laughter remembers history with a March water-melon. Only its version Dzonya differs from reminiscence a little. According to Kobitev, it there was at all a carousal, and "a nonalcoholic dinner". The alcohol on that action was not too pertinent for several reasons. Kobitev got water-melons to impress the auditor from the Komsomol Central Committee. According to Kobitev, lady already in years, and with check to Kobitev who has been just elected the first secretary of the Zhovtnevy district committee of Komsomol was the auditor, arrived to account sector. "Sector of the account are Komsomol tickets, safety of documents, the press, instructions - very specific field of activity for which people often suffered. Saperova had a reputation of the person who for the slightest oversight could send guilty to prison. Me only elected the first secretary of a district committee, I was 23 years old, and Saperova knew all commas by heart. Plus to everything - all life I was single, it was given to work. Generally, I estimated and thought that it everything can badly end. But it worked, special rigidity didn't show, dug out serious nothing, and we invited her to a dinner on the nature - Dzon and I. It was necessary to surprise with something. Here I also got in Hothouse two water-melons".

Alexander Kobitev: "My career is a combination of circumstances"

Alexander Kobitev - the youngest of the former Komsomol bosses, to it is only 46 years. I worked as the deputy, the first deputy and the acting as the chairman of Lugansk regional administration.

Kobitev says that his prompt career it is simple combination of circumstances.

"It is simple luck, combination of circumstances. I from absolutely simple family, since a quarter of Shevchenko. Mother washing all life I worked the tutor of a kindergarten, the father - the welder. Though there were also people who helped me. Were at each stage. And brains sufficed me not to do mistakes that me didn't expel. That is except biographic affairs, I is visible, I possess also business qualities, at least, didn't banish a nasty sweeper anywhere - everywhere I left...

My Komsomol career started being formed at school. To me always there were to liking various school actions - discos, propaganda teams, agricultural works, all this party. Since pioneer times I in it turned. Then Komsomol time came, I was elected the member of the committee of Komsomol of school, answered for cultural - mass work. Being the pupil of the 9th class it was elected the member of a district committee of Komsomol when arrived in mashinstitut (now - the East Ukrainian national university of a name of V. Dahl) already was the member of a district committee of Komsomol with a two-year experience, only represented school youth in committee. Already at institute I got to an asset, literally at once me as the member of a district committee of Komsomol, involved, - Kobitev speaks. - I was engaged orgraboty, was responsible for student's groups, hostels, student councils for real activity, instead of ideological work", - Kobitev emphasizes especially.

"Then with me there were very interesting children - for example,Andrey Cherkasov (now - the director of the regional center of employment)I was the chairman uchebno - the educational commission (it considered progress indicators, I carried out work with lagging behind).Sergey Boychuk (now - the deputy chief of the regional Department of Internal Affairs - the chief of criminal militia)I headed "a Komsomol searchlight" - then it there was a serious structure which had to "highlight" all shortcomings. But we worked successfully, our "searchlight" was engaged in not so much formal affairs and as it is fashionable to speak now, "arrivals" on careless students. We together found contact with institute administration, resolved issues with administration work in hostels … Though in "searchlight" then got to much" - Alexander Kobitev speaks.

On a third year of institute Kobitev was elected the deputy secretary of Komsomol on оргработе that assumed release from study - but it, contrary to usage, didn't translate for a correspondence department. So the deputy secretary of Komsomol it worked before the institute termination, and went to work for teplovozostroitelny plant of a name of October revolution (nowadays - "Luganskteplovoz"). "I got to department of the scientific organization of work - покорпел there over pieces of paper of month one and a half. After that drive, after work in Komsomol, I understood that to write duty regulations, having appeared in a heap of papers is not mine. The secretary of committee of Komsomol of plant of that time passed to production work - the deputy head of the department of exact steel molding, and I persuaded him to take away me with myself - worked as the shift foreman at a site of powder metallurgy. It was 1985. At me then already was two small children, I, happened, I worked on 2 changes, and at night - also the watchman at the panel of the centralized protection, on days off I unloaded cars - money was necessary. I then, by the way, learned to sleep in any situation - standing in the trolleybus, sitting in the car, I can instantly lull myself irrespective of a state. Then to me there were to doze enough minutes 15-20, now - hour or so. Then this skill at me was transformed in even more interesting - when I worked at high positions, I could sleep with open eyes. I was disconnected, but thus I had a normal look …. ", - with laughter Kobitev speaks.

"Then career started moving very promptly - three months I worked as the chief mechanical engineer of shop, and me unexpectedly elected the first secretary of a district committee of Komsomol - at that time at me was already 9 - a summer Komsomol experience.

-What means unexpectedly? In those days unexpectedly elected nobody

- It really occurred unexpectedly.Leonida Derjaca (nowadays - the director general of liqueur - vodka distillery "Luga - Is new"party bodies long didn't want to release. And Derzhak was already at such age that in Komsomol all knew to a comma, and already particular interest wasn't, the age didn't allow to do career, and it was necessary to leave on production. And replacement - wasn't. Then there was very interesting time - 1986. For work demanded young and perspective. But the youth had to have for such position party membership, an experience of the released Komsomol work, length of service in the specialty. So it turned out that I to 24 - m already had to years all this.I believe that me traced both Derzhak, and Efremov. Such as I was really a little - not because I seven spans in a forehead or differed special talents. It is simple combination of circumstances. Though I recognize that me on this way conducted. But for me the decision on election as the first secretary of the Zhovtnevy district committee was unexpected. Me literally for some days coordinated with all instances, I had interview in regional committee of party and the Komsomol Central Committee. Then Saperova worked, I got acquainted with Dzonem - he then was the second secretary of regional committee of Komsomol. To put it briefly, the first secretary of a district committee I fulfilled already 11 months, and me - on the same wave of "young shots" - elected the third secretary of regional committee of Komsomol - the secretary on ideology. I especially never was engaged in it. At this position I worked 10 months. Time Dzonya on increase came to leave, I replaced it as the second secretary of regional committee of Komsomol, it was 1987. There I worked nearly 2 years, to 1989-го. This work was clear to me. And then modern times came - at a position began to choose on a competitive basis. I stood the first in a reserve on a post of the first secretary of regional committee of Komsomol and a position of the second secretary of the Central Committee of Komsomol of Ukraine, to me designated very good prospect. But for election on a post of the first regional committee alternative elections were necessary, there were two applicants - I andVladimir Pristyuk (now - the vice-chairman of Lugansk regional council). We already had an experience - we in a counterbalance to Efremov's opinion elected before the first secretary of a city town committee of Komsomol Valera Golenko. It was ours with Dzony a creature, we then very successfully carried out campaign. While we with Pristyuk went on interviews, our kind friendSergey Rekiyanov (now - the chairman of the Public tax administration in the Luhansk region, the head of BYuT fraction in Lugansk regional council)I decided to self-nominate. He at that time was the secretary of regional committee of Komsomol on young and rural workers. He always was a fighter, was ambitious - in good sense of this word. In total party bosses were simply shocked. Also put forward still, on - to my Golenko. To put it briefly, Pristyuk and Golenko send after the first round, in the second there were we with Rekiyanov. I collected 42 votes, it - 43. He became the first secretary, I worked with the second. Clear business, this not too successful neighbourhood. I wanted to leave for production work, Lenya Derzhak then was deputy director on Lugansk a car assembly plant, said that there is a work and for me.After loss on elections I worked either 5, or 7 months. Also I left on production", - Alexander Kobitev speaks.

A. Kiselyov likes to say that he, being the first secretary of a city town committee of Komsomol, traced me at institute that it patronized me, - Kobitev speaks. - I remember how to me such healthy uncle came into committee, with a loud voice - for me he was simply an inhabitant of heaven. It was very serious authority on Komsomol, but is real with it we started being crossed already when I worked in the regional state administration - there were joint parties, actions. He is very interesting person, the magnificent interlocutor, I to it treat with big respect. I remember acquaintance to Efremov very well - he was the first secretary of a city town committee of Komsomol, and I - the first a district committee. Then there was time of "concrete affairs", the first in Leninsk a district committee wasIgor Sedykh (now - the deputy of Lugansk city council). And Gray-haired always I discussed expediency of this or that decision, I argued, I always spoke: we will make. Efremov - and I know it - trained me on the place, but I went to Komsomol regional committee, Efremov was categorically against".

And Alexander Efremov confirms it: "Kobitev it in general separate history! We went many years on life together … I received it in Komsomol from the pioneer organization, trained him as the successor at a position of the first secretary of a city town committee of Komsomol - but me outstripped, took away it for work in Komsomol regional committee".

To be continued.


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