"National self-defense" can go to opposition, - the People's Deputy O. Novikov

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Today Nikolaev with working visit was visited by the People's Deputy, the member of deputy group "National Self-defense" and the curator of the Nikolaev area Oleg Novikov.

During the visit Oleg Novikov carried out a press - conference for representatives of regional mass media. The main questions which were brought up by journalists, certainly concerned events which now occur in Rada. The People's Deputy of Ukraine informed gathered on a situation and told about a position which was taken by National Self-defense party in these circumstances. In particular, answering a question of, whether the coalition with PR is possible, Oleg Vladimirovich answered that such it is impossible as in the coalition agreement between democratic forces it is reached that the coalition stops existence in case one of forces concludes the alliance with Party of Regions. And as "National Self-defense" acts pro coalition preservation, such union is impossible.

If all - political forces create the similar union, the NANOSECOND will go to opposition, the People's Deputy declared. In case of making decision on snap elections "National Self-defense" will go on them independently if the project doesn't come into force about increase in an electoral threshold to 7-10%, of course. However, according to the People's Deputy, the last option is improbable as it will lead to loss of electorate of all democratic forces and a victory of Party of Regions.

Also Oleg Novikov commented on information that the President brought together regional heads of "our Ukraine" and recommended to the last to prepare for elections. According to the People's Deputy, this information is inconsistent as the President didn't specify, for which elections members should prepare "our Ukraine" - to next presidential or extraordinary parliamentary.

One more subject which was touched at a meeting, concerned a situation in the structure "National Samoobrona". Several months ago at congress the decision on organization renaming was made. There were pallets the relevant documents in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, however still the answer didn't come therefore to speak about changes it isn't necessary.The reason - features of the bureaucratic right as Oleg Novikov considers.


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