Vladimir Chaika after the Birthday isn't going to come to work, and all conversations on its visit to Moscow – "it is nonsense and provocation"

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Unusually I began on September 9 a press - conference of the mayor Vladimir Chaika.

Literally from the first words the mayor fell upon parents of the hearings which have arisen in the city at that time while the mayor was on a visit in Moscow - at an exhibition of the Nikolaev enterprises and celebration of Day of Moscow.

- It is natural nonsense and provocation. Also it is one more way to discompose me. Doesn't leave. Any person who went with us where - that with us drank, was with us on actions and such told against the mayor?
I want that journalists knew about it and treated this information as to one more powerful arrival on the mayor of Nikolaev before the City Day and before its anniversary (we will remind, 60 - the anniversary the mayor Vladimir Chaika will note the on October 5 - an editor's note), - the mayor Vladimir Chaika told today.

As Mukola.net managed to find out, the mayor annoyed and drove up the wall conversations that during visit to the capital of the Russian Federation it wasn't abstinent in consumption of alcoholic drinks (with all that it implies), and also incorrectly I expressed the top officials of the Ukrainian state.

It was obvious that the mayor isn't simply angry by a kursirovaniye of similar hearings, and is sincerely grieved. Simply because he, according to him, very much trusts all to whom happens on actions. Also does everything that problems arising at his fellow travelers were solved quickly.

- One of members of our delegation lost the passport. I spent for it in the afternoon to find opportunity to receive for it the certificate for homecoming. And in it there was one more moment: when according to the international standards on obtaining the similar certificate it is necessary from three to five days, our diplomats could make everything in three hours. It became possible because nikolayevets there know, the mayor there know, - the mayor told.

Though it is quite possible to assume that hearings about behavior of the mayor in Moscow became a last straw for Vladimir Chaika.

The mood to it was impaired a little also by materials on the Internet that it "dug" two million hryvnias in Sovetskaya Street repair, and session of city council coming on September 11-12 for which it was supposed to submit at first some questions, and "is already outlined" about 80-ти as the mayor told.

- Deputies united and told that will cancel all my orders about a suspension of separate decisions of the City Council which don't answer standards of the current legislation. And it will be rage against me one. None of deputies didn't protect me, didn't rise in my defense, except my deputies and chiefs of managements. And at session I again will be, how a parrot? I don't want to carry out this mission. Once again I emphasize: this mission - doing not wash, I carry out the mission as I can. I remind Garibaldi, great Garibaldi who spoke: "I did everything possible, and that I couldn't, I didn't undertake". I in the same way don't undertake what I can't, - V. Chaika told.

Generally, the mayor is very upset.

- I didn't sleep the whole night - read the Internet of a different grade. Also I think: really I am such person who doesn't deserve the kind word? And now I understood: I don't deserve. And therefore (probably, in the history of Ukraine it will be for the first time) on October 5-6 I won't come at all to work and to ask permissions to it. Both deputies will solve, and will be. And as it will be, it is a question of history. I consider that each person has to look that he left behind, - here then it will be an assessment. But, unfortunately, the assessment comes after death, - the mayor told.


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