Стецькив: "Self-defense" almost completely buried the rating and the image

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I think, such format and won't be. "Self-defense" and its leader beat pots in the block, especially for the last week too much. Such sharp movements and statements of the leader of "Self-defense" will bar the most part of "Self-defense" a way on elections together with "our Ukraine", - one of leaders of "NANOSECOND" Taras Stetskiv considers.

In "NANOSECOND" recognize that the sense in independent participation in elections isn't present. "It is excluded. "Self-defense" almost completely buried the rating and the image. Her behavior looks so that for today neither it has no electoral support, nor an electoral niche. Therefore the independent campaign would be suicide for "National self-defense" is I, unfortunately, has to recognize", - told Stetskiv.

Optimum for "NANOSECOND" call blocking with BYuT. "Yes, most likely we, really, will join Yulia Timoshenko. In any case, we don't exclude such opportunity", - I declared the high-ranking source in "NANOSECOND".

In BYuT can't unambiguously answer yet, whether they are ready to accept in the ranks "Self-defense". "They (NANOSECOND. - Editions) state the interest: for them accession to BYuT in case of early elections - a passing guarantee with high percent", - the deputy head of BYuT fraction Oleg Bilorus is sure.


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