Dnepr is on sale. Cheap

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Source: versii.com.uaНовый the head of KP "Pleso" containing all reservoirs of Kiev, started the hidden privatization of municipal property. If Dnepr and capital lakes pass to shadow structures, consequences won't be limited to discomfort for visitors of beaches - such actions will create real threat of safety of inhabitants of Kiev. After all lack of care of hydraulic engineering constructions of Dnepr will turn back for the capital much more serious accident, than in Zakarpatye. Even more often round the municipal enterprise "Pleso" there are scandals. One of the last conflicts is connected with attempt of the newly made head - to offer Igor Smykun for sale a number of the Kiev beaches. Thus traditionally to participation in competition allowed only "necessary" companies. Among them, the companies founded by the wife of mister Smykun - Svetlana Akimenko appeared "will of a case", also.

That the property was easier to be privatized, the enterprise charter recently significantly changed. Directors allocated with more large powers in management of property. However, forgot to satisfy conditions of the collective agreement and to coordinate new edition of the charter with employees. To get permission of deputies of city council and the mayor for charter change too forgot, but unless you will keep such trifles in memory?

However, Igor Grigoryevich and without large powers feels absolutely not bad. Only on construction of toilets on beaches it managed "to make" about 600 thousand hryvnias. Instead of recreation areas "Youth", "Venice", toilets mister Smykun ordered "Rainbows" on paper, on their paper and in operation accepted. And when business reached prosecutor's office and court, it appeared that only business owner who has acted as the virtual contractor is guilty of money laundering.

The deputy director "Pleso" addressed in law enforcement agencies apropos "toilet stories". Mister Smykun, without hesitating, I brought down the retaliation on the deputy. The director periodically took out to the deputy reprimands, and also applied more sophisticated methods - fighters of the deprived license of security firm "Tornado" didn't allow it on a workplace, broke production meetings. To get rid of the deputy, mister Smykun didn't shun to paralyze work even such vital divisions, as vodolazno - life-saving station.Eventually, he dismissed the deputy, having simply reduced his position. Whether mister Smykun thus broke the law? Probably, also I broke, but to Igor Grigoryevich not to get used.

After all behind shoulders at Smykun there are already a lot of problems with the law. Is at it and a criminal record - at the beginning of 2007 he received 2 years, allegedly for use of counterfeit documents when crossing border. Then it was available the smuggling fact, but business retrained, having left only charges of part of use of fakes, "having forgotten" about the purpose of their use. Moreover, the court showed unprecedented hitherto loyalty and allowed Smykun to leave 2 years … at liberty. Judges referred to irreproachable conduct and a conscientious attitude to work of the defendant.

Mister Smykun transferred practice of use of counterfeit documents and to a new place of work. When it became clear that the previous head "Pleso" Nikolay Shchepts dismissed illegally - during the sick-list, and Igor Smykun, by a court decision, needed to leave "a warm place", he remembered the past. Igor Grigoryevich, referring to change of a form of registration of "Pleso" on KP self-willedally I made the new press and the charter of GKP. Thus the old weren't lost at all as he declared, and remained with the lawful head "Pleso" - Shcheptsa. We will note, as procedure of a re-registration of the enterprise from state municipal in the municipal has more than doubtful character. After all the state hydrotechnical objects, not privatizeable, both were on "Pleso's" balance and remained, only now them, is unclear on what bases, the city, while the city …


Naturally fraud didn't take place without assistance someone from the higher administration - on the hearings, one of deputies of the mayor.

As a result, despite a judgment, the power over the strategic enterprise for the capital I remained with Smykun. Deputies of the City Council, nor the mayor, someone another weren't able to prevent Igor Grigoryevich neither. Mister Smykun uses the received powers on the full - to the state and city money he finds a set of interesting applications.

Now "Pleso's" current assets any more don't satisfy Smykun's appetites, and on sale titbits prepare more. The beaches sold by auction are first signs, lakes, priberezhny lands and, at last, Dnepr will reach for them.

Meanwhile reservoirs belonging to "Pleso" are more increasing запустевают, after all the management of the enterprise is even not able to provide timely payment of a salary to the employees. Workers are tormented by the delays connected with any re-registrations. Certainly, enthusiasm and eagerness to work it doesn't add.

Objects of river infrastructure which under Igor Grigoryevich's sensitive guide aren't under repair and aren't reconstructed, and only are led up "to the handle", can already tomorrow at the same time with reservoirs appear in hands of dexterous businessmen.

Whether but there will be the "investor" who has coveted the invaluable Kiev earth and water, to spend millions for care of hydraulic engineering constructions which don't bring kopeks arrived? What will the capital when old constructions will finally become useless represent and the water elements will crash out? It is unlikely Kiev will remind Venice, it is rather a Zakarpatye …


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