Deputies want to protect squares

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On XVII-ую session of the Nikolaev city council which will begin the work tomorrow, 11-го September, the question of establishment of borders 17-ти the Nikolaev squares is planned to take out: name 68-and paratroopers, "Chestnut", "Council of Europe", "the White Acacia", on Geroyev Stalingrad Avenue, "Olshantsev", to "Soldier", "Cascade", on Mira Avenue, "Security officers", "Student's", O.M.Gmyrev's name, memory of victims of Famine-Genocide in Ukraine of 1932-33, T.G. Shevchenko's name, "Glory", "Railway", a name 61-of guo Kommunar.

Concerning all above-mentioned objects it is planned to provide permission to production of the project of land management on the organization and establishment of borders of territories prirodno - reserved, nature protection, improving, recreational and the historian - cultural appointment.

In case of the positive solution of session, the Department zhilishchno - municipal services of the city (the director - Vladimir Novozhilov, the deputy mayor) will be obliged to submit the coordinated projects of land management and conclusions of the state land use planning examination to management of land resources. And it will be necessary to make it in limited terms - to 30-го November.

Two constant commissions - concerning regulation of the land relations (the chairman - Vadim Merikov, the deputy from BYuT) and concerning architecture, construction and protection of the historian - a cultural heritage (the chairman - Anatoly Dyumin, the deputy from Party of Regions) will control implementation of this decision. And as the question of association of these two commissions will be submitted for the same session, most likely, one will deal with an issue of establishment of borders of the Nikolaev squares, the joint commission.

Concerning some squares (a name 61-го the Communard, "Railway", "Glories", T.G. Shevchenko's name, memory of victims of Famine-Genocide in Ukraine of 1932-33, name O.M.Gmyreva) housing and communal services Department will have to carry out works on removal of borders of the square on the district and to provide in management of land resources technical documentation on implementation of this procedure.

It is worth noticing that deputies want to rename the square "Railway" on Saint Nikolay's square. Such initiative was taken out by fraction of Party of Regions


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