URGENTLY! The Crimea "leaves" Russia, Ukraine "goes" to NATO!

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Today English mass media stated new option of an exit from political crisis according to which, the West with Russia will reconcile. There will be it only in case the Crimea departs" Russia, and Ukraine will go west. Thus it seems strange that this option is put forward by British, obviously, without thinking that occurred, that else can occur. And the opinion of Ukraine … it, seemingly, interests nobody.

So, today on the Russian site Rbkdaily there was article "The West will give to Russia the Crimea. In exchange for the entry of Ukraine into NATO". Provides article text without editings and reductions.

… Still before Ukraine will enter NATO, Russia the Crimean peninsula can depart. As the British newspaper The Times, the principles of "realistic policy" by which members of North Atlantic alliance are guided today writes, demand respect of the rights of the Russian Federation on access to the Black Sea. In spite of the fact that the note in the British newspaper is more similar to provocation, experts don't exclude that the Crimean issue can be quite resolved according to such scenario. However the principles of "realistic policy" will be here absolutely at anything.

"The majority of members of NATO expresses a consent to that "the realistic policy" (realpolitik) demands respect of the rights of Russia on access to the Black Sea. In the long term it can appear so that Ukraine, probably, should leave the Crimean peninsula in hands of Russia still before the question of membership of this country in NATO" will be considered, - writes The Times. I will sink down, first of all the USA, Ukraine in North Atlantic alliance is necessary, however Russia never will reconcile to that the earth of Kievan Rus' will depart to the resisting block. Therefore as the observer of the British newspaper considers, this exchange quite can become the compromise solution for both parties.

Experts see in a note in the British newspaper the next provocative attempt to connect the Crimean question with South Ossetia and Abkhazian problems.As the director general of the Center of political information Alexey Mukhin noted in conversation with daily RBC, it is equitable first of all to interests of the USA, seeking to involve Ukraine and Georgia in NATO by all means. War in South Ossetia already united the western community in opinion that Georgia has to be in NATO. However concerning granting PDCh in North Atlantic alliance to Ukraine from France and Germany still isn't present such demonstrative unanimity.

Actually Washington still had only one effective way to achieve such consent from the West European partners in NATO - to convince all that after Abkhazia and South Ossetia Moscow will inevitably encroach on the Crimean peninsula. "The USA began to express concern that the Russian Federation allegedly attacks the Crimea though no bases for this purpose existed. The president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko, in turn, made everything to untwist this question further", - considers g - N Mukhin.

It is echoed also by a fresh note in Wall Street Journal under the name "Ukraine Can Become the Following Target of Russia". As writes the edition, the Kremlin can encroach on the Crimea or "to proclaim part of Russia any city less - Alushta, Evpatoria, Anapa or the part of the territory which doesn't have an outlet to the sea". "Bloodshed will give to Moscow a typical pretext to start intervention - opportunity to refer to protection of compatriots", - the observer of Wall Street Journal who, obviously, forgot concludes tempted in territorial appetites of the Russian Federation or doesn't know that the city of Anapa is a part of Russia since the beginning of the XIX century.

Despite numerous provocations in the western press on the fact that Moscow "encroaches" on the Ukrainian territories, experts don't exclude that the Crimean peninsula can really depart Russia to the entry of Ukraine into NATO according to the scenario which was described by The Times - that is when the relevant proposal will arrive from the most North Atlantic alliance.

However the principles of "realistic policy" to which the British observer refers, will be here absolutely at anything. Voyenno - the political block of NATO resists to interests of Moscow, and after war in South Ossetia in it didn't remain any doubt. Therefore to say that the North Atlantic alliance intends to respect interests of Russia on the Black Sea, at least it is naive.

However the entry of the whole Ukraine into alliance - too radical way of replacement of Moscow from the Black Sea coast.Both EU countries, and the USA obviously understand that can receive on it the same radical answer from Russia. For example, Moscow can put the power pressure upon Europe or cut an air passage of transportation of freights and the equipment through the Russian territories to Afghanistan for NATO countries. That "not to anger a bear", the West can quite suggest the Kremlin to make a mutually advantageous exchange: Ukraine in NATO, and the Crimea - to Russia.


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