Lutsenko: Балога can push on the power scenario

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The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko guarantees that won't allow collisions between power structures in case of implementation of the power scenario at an exit from political crisis.

This Lutsenko declared today on a press - conferences within 15-й to a national book exhibition - fair the Forum of publishers in Lviv.

According to the minister, he is the opponent of power option of an exit from political crisis, but "if there is an order of the commander-in-chief, and the President of Ukraine is a commander-in-chief, I will execute it, any order which will arrive, however I guarantee that while I as the Minister of Internal Affairs - won't allow that the security officer went to the security officer fulfilling the duties according to the current legislation as we already saw it on examples in our policy".

Lutsenko assumes that "the war party led by Balogoy can push on the power scenario".

Also the Minister of Internal Affairs noted that yet doesn't see the recovery from the crisis which has developed in the state.

"Staff on Bank doesn't want any negotiations, it is possible to offer negotiations with Litvin, and he wants it, but Bank avoids any negotiation processes", - Lutsenko told, together with it having noted that yet doesn't see real ways of recovery from the crisis, though doesn't see sense in carrying out early elections.

Directly I didn't answer a question of rather possible participation in Lutsenko's presidential election, only I told that, "on - visible, it is necessary to take part".

As it was reported, the staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is compelled to earn independently a living as from the state budget only two thirds of means necessary for the ministry are allocated, Lutsenko declared.


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