"ETs" accuses Tymoshenko of lobbying the byutovskikh business - structures: "The part of decisions of Cabinet of Ministers is hidden under a signature stamp "confidentially"

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From the first days of the work the government adopted resolutions in which interests of confidants to BYuT business - structures were lobbied.

It was declared by the member of "The uniform center" Mikhail Polyanchich, reports a press - party service.

"The considerable part of these decisions of the government is hidden from society under a signature stamp "secretly", - he added.

According to Polyanchich, "to respectively one of the "closed" governmental decrees, the State reserve put on domestic market about 500 names of goods".

"Among these goods, for example, the aviation petrol, the most rare metals and other goods which have no relation to the mass consumer", - the deputy noted.

"All this production for the sum about 1 billion UAH was provided for realization of BYuT controlled by representatives to "Ukrresurssyrovin's" structure at the prices underestimated by 40%", - Polyanchich declared.

"To the consumer these goods got already at the prices overstated 40%. Simple calculations prompt that the net profit from such operation made about 800 million UAH", - he emphasized.

One more government resolution, the deputy declared, "the scheme on import to Ukraine of foreign meat of doubtful quality and an origin was realized". "In this case the profit on an oborudka made about 120 million UAH", - he added.

According to the same scheme, Polyanchich reported, there was a distribution of quotas to export of vegetable oil.

"So the structure approached to the People's Deputy from BYuT to Andrey Verevsky, received more than 2/3 quotas of export of the oil, 130 of 180 thousand tons. This money, is actually selected at the state and society, settled in private or party pockets of businessmen from BYuT", - the deputy declared.


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