Deputy of the City Council Evgenia Bondarenko: "At a conclusion from the commission of my consent nobody asked me"

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As already reported "N News", at today's session of city council two constant deputy commissions - concerning regulation of the land relations, and concerning architecture, construction and protection of the historian - a cultural heritage were joint. Structure of the joint commission - 18 people. Some deputies from different fractions were defined in other commissions. But unclear there is "a stay place" two deputies of city council - Anatoly Dyumin (who, by the way, throughout two convocations I headed the "architectural" commission) and Evgenia Bondarenko.

As it was succeeded to find out, Anatoly Dyumin himself refused to participate in work integrated, "architecturally - land" the commissions as recently he lost the spouse.

And here with Evgenia Bondarenko a situation really interesting and, without exaggeration, strange.

- Evgeny why you didn't appear in the joint commission?

- I advise you about it to ask the head of my fraction Dmitry Nikonov - it gave the candidate to the commission. Possibly it is revenge that I "broke" someone's project.

- You mean "sphere" transfer?

- And it is including. I was the first deputy who opposed with a sharp protest "sphere" transfer - a symbol of Nikolaev - and construction on a monument place торгово - the entertaining center. Besides, with 2006-го years, since the convocation beginning, I insisted that when building house adjoining territories it is necessary to consider opinion of inhabitants, and among necessary documents which are filed to the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies for obtaining the construction license, there has to be a protocol of the carried-out public hearings.Also I was the first initiator of development of new provision on public hearings as in 2005-ohm year the Cabinet of Ukraine cancelled existing situation. Also I opposed rent extension for halls with slot machines in the territory of Nikolaev.

- In the draft decision which was submitted for session, you were entered into structure of the commission on questions of work and social protection. Then there was a head of fraction Dmitry Nikonov and told that you yet didn't decide on the commission. How such can be?

- Strangely enough, for me the draft decision too became opening. Today, having come to session, I found in sessional materials the draft decision on liquidation of our commissions and creation instead of them the joint commission. I knew about it. Further I look through the list. From our fraction in the new commission - Vadim Morozov, and me enter into structure of its commission. Another - at a conclusion me from the commission of my consent nobody asked the most interesting. Under the Law of Ukraine "About the status of deputies of local councils", inclusion of the deputy in structure of any commission is carried out only at its consent, on the basis of his statement.

- And why so occurs, what such, apparently, important decisions are accepted "at random", without coordination with those whom these decisions directly concern?

- The matter is that if this decision and someone was accepted, it was accepted unofficially, without my participation … Yesterday, 10-го September, at meeting of fraction of the Block of Natalia Vitrenko of any decisions on this occasion it wasn't sounded. Though - my report, Agnyannikov's report, the member of the "land" commission had to hear all, to explain what claims to us why us change for other people (after all on other fractions, as far as I know, didn't change one for another, simply reduced number) - and only after that to make the decision jointly, all fraction … I once again emphasize: at fraction meeting not that vote on candidates wasn't - there was even no information on it. Moreover, I was the member of the constant commission on questions of architecture, construction and protection of the historian - a cultural heritage as I have the corresponding education and experience. For what reasons there enter the person having other education, working absolutely in other sphere, to me - it is unclear.

- Where you will go now, Evgenia?

- There is a lot of offers. It is necessary to choose.

- And what offers to you arrived?

- To go to the "youth" commission. Also I deal with environmental problems therefore me invited in the commission which deals with these issues. Offers and from members of the "budgetary" commission arrived. I will think. It is a pity only that "architecturally - land" the commission remains without experts …


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