Deputies will check, whether correctly Chaika imposed "veto"

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Today on 27-й sessions of the Nikolaev city council the temporary control commission which will study texts of decisions of the City Council was created. Deputies suspect that some points of decisions are stated not in that edition for which they voted. All these decisions concern the land relations.

From the text distributed to journalists, follows that for points of decisions (No. No. 22/44, 22/45, 22/47, 22/48, 22/49, 22/50, 22/51, 22/52, 22/54, 22/55, 22/56 of 13.03.08; No. No. 23/36, 23/39, 23/43 of 25.04.08 and No. 24/32 of 13.06.08) deputies voted openly. "But with reference to orders of the mayor No. 157r of 01.04.08, No. 206r of 29.04.08, of 02.07.08 some points of these decisions are stated to No. 350r in other edition, than that for which deputies of city council" voted, - is told in the decision made today.

The task of temporary control commission which was headed by the deputy of the City Council Vadim Merikov, consists in studying of a situation which concerns discrepancy of editions of decisions of city council for which deputies at plenary sessions, in connection with acceptance by the mayor of orders No. 157r of 01.04.08, No. 206r of 29.04.08, No. 350r of 02.07.08 actually voted. Also deputies are going to check procedure of observance of application by the mayor of the above orders as bases for stay of action of some points of the decisions made by deputies, having addressed in prosecutor's office.

"They prepared the matter by ear, - the mayor Vladimir Chaika reported in exclusive interview to the correspondent of - It is blackmail attempt, attempt to keep a tight rein on me. We after sessions didn't make any decisions which would cancel something. They are going to check the decisions of executive committee canceling solutions of sessions of the City Council. On decisions which contradict the law, I impose the veto. They can't overcome it because for this purpose they need to collect 62 votes. Here deputies also want to check, whether correctly Chaika imposed the veto".


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