Yatsenyuk threatened with the big teeth to have a bite Tymoshenko a spine

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Arseny Petrovich declared it in interview, making comments on attempts proceeding nowadays to make changes to the Constitution of Ukraine.

"- Even if the conceived constitutional changes will be carried out and the political system of Ukraine will exchange even if so it happens, the history and it will process. But in five years we won't see none of those who is present today at this wonderful invention. Yes, five years will be heavy, five years will be difficult...

- It is rather, years ten...

- You think, ten? No, five. We to them spine poperekusyvay. Five!

Today it is absolutely accurately clear that political process became aggravated also that the opposition doesn't want to wait, it wants to be constant in the power. And the power wants to be fixed there for very long period of time.

But, besides, it is possible to remember history. This time not Ancient Rome, and modern Ukraine. In particular, 2006, attempt of joint vote of pro-power and oppositional fractions on overcoming of the presidential veto on the law on Cabinet of Ministers. All this already was. And those who took this step, were in the power. And then appeared in opposition because their actions provoked parliamentary early elections. Anything never passes completely! "


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