The majority of Kharkov citizens want the new mayor

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Only 14% of Kharkov citizens well estimate the life in the city, 49% of inhabitants of Kharkov gave a satisfactory assessment to quality of the life, another 37% - bad and very bad estimates. Results of the research conducted by the Kiev international institute of sociology which presented today on a press - conferences the project manager, testify to it the research associate of the Kiev international institute of sociology Yulia Sakhno, transfers the UNIAN.

"According to the majority of inhabitants of Kharkov, the standard of living in the city in the last two years didn't improve: 45% consider that the situation in the city worsened, 40% at all didn't notice any changes", - Sakhno told.

According to her, Kharkov citizens most negatively estimate institute of local government. "Very badly estimate work of the mayor of 45% of Kharkov citizens. Ideas of respondents of, whether the mayor of Kharkov causes respect or disrespect of residents, are very inconsistent: according to 39%, the mayor causes the greatest disrespect in Kharkov citizens", - she specified.

The sociologist also reported that 43% of respondents consider expedient re-elections of the mayor. "At the same time 39% consider that re-elections aren't necessary. The people supporting idea of re-elections in Kharkov, are more inclined to participation in vote on possible elections: the probability of participation in vote of opponents of elections makes about 57%, probability of participation of supporters - 82%. As opponents of re-elections are mainly supporters of the present mayor, in case of carrying out re-elections Dobkin can lose part of voices due to lower activity of his electorate", - considers Sakhno.

Poll "Socially - political moods and expectations of inhabitants of Kharkov" was carried out by the Kiev international institute of sociology from July 26 to August 10, 2008. For carrying out poll two techniques were used: apartment poll (614 interviews) and street poll (1222 interviews).In total during a field stage the method of personal (face-to-face) of interview interrogated 1836 people.


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