Gritsenko criticizes Ekhanurov's intention to increase army

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The chairman of committee of the Verkhovna Rada concerning national security and defense Anatoly Gritsenko scarified an initiative of the Ministry of Defence concerning increase in number of Armed forces of Ukraine at 21 thousand people, reported To "editor-in-chief" press - Gritsenko's service.

According to the deputy, it contradicts the State program of development of VS of Ukraine for 2006-2011.

The People's Deputy reminded what exactly the Verkhovna Rada has the right to determine the limit number of staff of Armed forces, and added that until the end of 2008 in their structure there have to be 191 thousand, instead of 212 thousand as it is offered by military department.

Gritsenko is concerned by unbalance in views of military problems among branches of the power and inconsistency in actions. He noted that at the beginning of this year the President made the offer to reduce army by 17 thousand. The profile committee BP denied and recommended to reduce army by 9 thousand, from which only 1 thousand military personnel.

"Army number - not the main indicator of its fighting capacity, - the chairman of profile committee noted. - The most indicative is the condition of equipment and arms, intensity of combat training, moral spirit".

Therefore in addition to increase army approximately by 3 divisions, on Gritsenko's belief, doesn't mean at all to increase her fighting capacity. He noted that these offers have to be the coordinated Ministry of Defence, the government, the National Security and Defense Council, "not to jump aside".

Gritsenko is also concerned that the President concerning the future of army doesn't invite members of the government to discussion. "It not the presidential army, is the Ukrainian army. And the question of providing army concerns all: both central power, and local. It is impossible to be closed, and then to call into question certain figures. Cacophony round power structures is unacceptable", - Gritsenko noted.

He emphasized that "the government can provide army with resources only, and it is impossible to exclude it from this process even if the President doesn't like the prime minister - the minister".

"It is necessary to be responsible for today, tomorrow and further, instead of to live hostility", - I summed up Gritsenko.


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