Space goes broke

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Starts of the Ukrainian launch vehicles within the Sea Start program regularly give to citizens of Ukraine a reason for pride. Say, are we the space power, and are capable to submit Universe open spaces!

Though if to reflect on everyday life of space branch, you come to an unfavourable conclusion: we are obliged by today's achievements to the scientific and production baggage which has remained still from Soviet period. For years of independence rates of development of branch considerably decreased. The majority of the plants transferred to the jurisdiction to the National Space Agency of Ukraine (NSAU), in general appeared in a deplorable state, and them someone regularly tries "прихватизировать".

For example, two months ago the government cancelled all decisions and the order NKAU of rather shadow privatization of Central design bureau "Arsenal" and the Arsenal Plant specializing on creation and release optics - electronic devices for space equipment. Yulia Timoshenko declared that intends to initiate meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine in case of not response of the Prosecutor General's Office to the fact of shadow privatization of the enterprise.
According to her, two factory cases, including central design bureau, were transferred to the Avtointernational company.

At the same time it is already known that is wishing to get blocking (from 10 to 15%) equity stakes of other enterprises of space branch. Among them - JSC Hartron, GP "Ukrkosmos" and JSC Kiev Radio Plant. All these plants operated by NKAU, are today not in the best state. Heads of agency don't object to sale. Moreover, the deputy general director of NKAU Eduard Kuznetsov told that doesn't exclude carrying out privatization of the "space" enterprises in the future. Perhaps exactly for this purpose these companies are led up "to the handle"?

About the same to the deribena of "Arsenal" (in particular, enterprise sale of land) the general director of NKAU Yury Alekseev declared:"The earth becomes more expensive, service is more expensive therefore production is optimized today. That isn't necessary, - will be given and sold".

Bad general director and good businessman

No wonder that at such approach the majority of experts of disorder of space branch accuse the general director of NKAU Yury Alekseev, the old colleague and "successor" Leonid Kuchma.

During the stay of Leonid Danilovich the general director of the Dnepropetrovsk Yuzhmash Yury Sergeyevich was his first deputy. After Kuchma's leaving in 1992 in the government he headed YuMZ then the industrial giant started falling into decay slowly. And probably for a long time would die if not personnel changes at plant - from Yury Sergeyevich's enterprise transfer to a position of the head of recently formed NKAU. Then in branch unfavourable processes about which it was spoken above start happening.

Such situation put many explain with Alekseev's nonprofessionalism. Say, "the red director" isn't able to work effectively in market conditions. Such conclusion is very disputable. The matter is that Yury Sergeyevich combines poor control of NKAU plants with very effective own business. So, he is one of founders of such companies, as JSC Scientifically — Production Company Top, and JSC Keramik which makes a tile in the Magdalinovsky region of the Dnepropetrovsk area. Mister Alekseev has relation and to flour-grinding business, and his son - to privatization of one of the Dnepropetrovsk scientific research institutes. It is thought, Alekseev - younger was successful in such successful commercial project not without the aid of the father.

In general, g - N Alekseev very successfully lobbies the interests (unlike interests of the branch entrusted to it). Ponder: last year for work of NKAU 152 million UAH were put. It is interesting that only 70 million UAH went to a device NKAU salary from this sum! In too time, on implementation of the National space program (its part in 2007) only 59 million UAH (!), and on equipment reconstruction ON "Southern Machine-Building Plant" - 3,5 million were painted! Such distribution of money causes, to put it mildly, bewilderment. It turns out that to the device NKAU to be spent for a salary of means as much, how many it is necessary for implementation of the national space program and carrying out repair of the equipment at the largest "space" enterprise of the country!

Who sits on a pipe?

But the highest skill of lobbyism Yu.Alekseev showed on the example of Nikopol pipe plant.

As well as other NKAU, NTZ enterprises slowly I died. The equipment gave to scrap metal, and workers for months didn't get paid. The debt passed for a mark of 5 million!

Such situation at the large state enterprise suited pipe oligarchs - one competitor less.

Since August 2006 Yu. Alekseev appointed not directors, and only "acting as" with whom NKAU didn't sign any contracts. This in itself is rough violation of the current legislation, and the main thing - allows to avoid responsibility at very any order the state property. The last didn't keep itself waiting long - the next new acting director Sergey Antonov with the permission of NKAU began total write-off of property of the enterprise under which got not only any trifle as - that: typewriters, calculators, TVs, compressors, machines and mechanisms, but also the cable underground line with two tunnel кислотопроводами in addition. Moreover, operated mass plunder of property and the equipment, provided with almost full reduction of security guards began.

In completion to these arts, NKAU commission headed by Alekseev's adviser Sergey Isayev carried out inventory of NTZ and recognized the enterprise "investment unattractive".

No wonder that in this situation the patience of creditors of NTZ burst (the accounts payable exceeded debit five times) and the court in June, 2007 declared the enterprise bankrupt.

But the most interesting began when the court raised a question of sanitation of the enterprise and involvement of the investor, capable to bring plant out of bankruptcy (by this time the main creditor of plant - trading house with the name of the same name, satisfied debts on a salary to workers of NTZ and developed, together with labor unions, the plan of sanitation of the enterprise). On a patronage of mister Alekseev the desire to enclose in revival of plant of 35 million dollars and to become his new owner was stated by one Middle Eastern Arab campaign - the Lebanese firm "Junet". This NKAU "powerful investor" advertized by the general director trades in the frozen vegetables, fruit, juice and grain, but even close has no relation to the space industry. In this regard some questions arise circumstance at once:whose interests are represented really by the company which never was engaged neither pipes, nor space technologies and why its interests are lobbied by "the chief astronaut" Ukraine? Interestingly, by the way, that will tell Ukraine in response to transfer to one of the countries of the Arab world of the technologies which are using in rocket production, our partners from the USA and NATO, started to develop antimissile complexes in Eastern Europe? Obviously, the general director of NKAU Alekseev is haunted by monasteries of persons involved in the "kolchuzhny" scandal which has almost led to the international isolation administration of the previous Ukrainian President. But main thing: why on the enterprise don't allow to come to the domestic investor who has satisfied debts, found and a common language with creditors, labor unions, and at last, concluded the settlement agreement with NKAU? Why the agreement, after repayment by investors of debts of NTZ, g - N Alekseev tries to terminate unilaterally?

Only the head of NKAU can give the answer to this question. But it to do it doesn't hurry. How to be responsible and for other acts. And if "space" дерибан proceeds the same rates, soon these questions from practical become only rhetorical.


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