The coalition is?

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The first stage of crisis-2008 ended: on Saturday I expired the ten-day term which has been taken away on restoration of the coalition of BYuT and NUNS. There was only a formality - on Tuesday the speaker of Rada has to declare final its disintegration Arseniy Yatsenyuk. And this small interval of time between the day before yesterday and on Tuesday gives the chance to make the last breakthrough to coalition rescue. However, nobody believes in its success. "Legally the coalition still is", - the deputy from NUNS Yury Karmazin told. In his opinion, there is a catch - under the statement of fraction for an exit from the coalition there were 30 signatures, and 9 more deputies agreed by phone. But 30 people are less than a half of NUNS. However, Karmazin too expects on Tuesday of the statement of Yatsenyuk. Another thing is that even after death of the old coalition he sees possibility of creation new - as a part of NUNS, BYuT and Blok Litvin.

Will come to rescue the coalition hardly also Tymoshenko Bloc. "Legally NUNS fraction gave up as a bad job the coalition that in 10-dnevny time didn't withdraw the statement, - Valery Pisarenko explained нардеп from BYuT. - Therefore on Tuesday the speaker is obliged to declare the termination of activity of a demkoalition".

It is more than that, according to the deputy, NUNS fraction doesn't exist any more therefore the round table with it doesn't make sense: "Our Ukraine" broke up to job lots, and today it is necessary to give up as a bad job a gravestone not only a demkoalition, but also political force "our Ukraine", and her former leader Victor Andreevich Yushchenko. As subjects of policy they sank into history", writes "Today".

On Tuesday has to begin new коалициада. However, all meet that it will be limited to negotiations of Party of Regions with Tymoshenko Bloc. But whether there will be they successful? In both fractions there is no unity of opinions about it.

Nardep from BYuT Sergey Sobolev told us that considers as more real early elections - a pier, contradictions between PR and Tymoshenko (some other hold the similar opinion also нардепы from BYuT from the Western Ukraine) are too strong.Valery Pisarenko says that with Yanukovych the majority of fraction supports idea of the coalition: "Three moving are equal to a fire, as well as the third elections in three years. We don't want a fire in Ukraine". Therefore BYuT is ready to begin negotiations with the Ave.

Similar situation and at Party of Reg


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