In Nikolaev the Championship of area on fast chess

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The championship of the Nikolaev area on the fast chess, devoted to the City Day, took place on September 14 in Nikolaevsk chess club.

25 nikolayevets took part in competitions.

As the great chess grand master Saveli Tartakover -


one of the XX century strongest in the beginning: "In chess the one who is mistaken penultimate" wins.

The leader and the winner of chess tournament, "having been mistaken penultimate", I became - Stepan Lots - the master of FIDE. Got the second place the candidate for the master of sports Vladimir Skakun and on the third too the candidate for the master of sports - Vladimir Kireev.


FIDE (фр. Fédération Internationale des Échecs, FIDE) - the international organization of chess players. It was founded in 1924. Has the flag, the anthem and the motto - "All of us one family" (Gens una sumus). With 1980 chess federation - the member of UNESCO. To 1939 generally I was engaged in the organization of carrying out the World chess Olympic Games or "Tournaments of the Nations" and the World Cups among women (with 1927). With 1950 appropriates a rank of the international grand masters among men, with 1976 - among women. With 1947 holds the personal World Cups among men which system included zone and interzonal tournaments, matches and tournaments of applicants, matches for a rank of the world champion.


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