BYuT And PR want to hold elections in the Verkhovna Rada in two rounds. The winner receives everything

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Source: ostro-org

People's Deputies Andrey Portnov (BYUT) and Alexander Lavrinovich (PR) suggest to carry out elections in the Verkhovna Rada in two rounds. The relevant bill is registered in Rada on September 15, reports ""

Therefore, the first round of elections in Rada, according to the bill, happens on a proportional basis. The parties (blocks) which electoral lists following the results of vote on elections of deputies gathered not less than three percent of votes of voters which took part in vote take part in division of mandates of deputies. Final results of elections in the Verkhovna Rada are defined in the second round in which two parties (block) which gathered the greatest number of votes during the first round take part. "

The party (block) which won the second round, receives the majority from the constitutional structure of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine - two hundred twenty six deputy mandates. Division of other deputy mandates happens between party (block) which took the second place in the second round of elections, and other elected parties (blocks) on a proportional basis according to results of the first round of elections in the Verkhovna Rada.

The second round of elections isn't held if by results of the first round one of parties (block) gathered quantity of voices which allows it to receive two hundred twenty six or more mandates of People's Deputies of Ukraine. In that case division of deputy mandates happens in proportion concerning quantity of the votes received by parties (blocks) in the first round of elections. "


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