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The Party of Regions and BYuT continue attempts to divide the power for two. In this regard, deputies from both political forces introduce all new bills concerning change of political system.

- Portnov and Lavrinovich's joint project on elections in I SAY LIES the last know-how about establishment of a two-level electoral system. The first round of elections, according to the bill, takes place on a proportional basis. The parties (blocks) which electoral lists following the results of vote on elections of deputies gathered not less than three percent of votes of voters which took part in vote take part in division of mandates of deputies. Final results of elections in the Verkhovna Rada are defined in the second round in which two parties (block) which gathered the greatest number of votes during the first round take part. The party (block) which won the second round, receives the majority from the constitutional structure of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine - two hundred twenty six deputy mandates. Division of other deputy mandates happens between party (block) which took the second place in the second round of elections, and other elected parties (blocks) on a proportional basis according to results of the first round of elections.

Proceeding from present ratings of parties, questions of the one who becomes those two forces which will compete in the second round, disappears. It, certainly, will be BYuT and Party of Regions. Neither at WELL - NANOSECOND, nor at BL, neither at KPU, nor at someone the third isn't present any chances to get to parliament if this system is started in action.

As a result, Ukraine will receive an electoral distortion in parliament. Voices of a huge number of voters won't be considered, that is their interests aren't presented to BP. So, in 2007, about 7 million citizens of Ukraine voted not for PR and BYuT. In 2006 such was even more - about 10 million. It turns out that these voters will be compelled to choose smaller of the evils, not based on the real preferences.

However the main danger consists not in it. Derby Party of Regions - BYuT in the second round can finally split the country. In that case Ukraine will share again on personal and others'.And split will take place by the accurate geographical principle.

Politicians will encourage such tendency - votes given for them depend on it. Again geopolitical technologies, electorate accumulation round abstract categories of the Good and evil of etc will be put to use. Eventually, possibility of a social and political compromise in the country will be finally lost. The probability of there is no wish to look the pessimist, however, that the third countries which have considerable interest to Ukraine will use it, is very high.

The two-party system shows quite good results in the countries with high level of democracy and socially - a political compromise. To the American and to mind won't come to begin the intra civil conflict from - that the party which he supported, lost on elections. But Ukraine it is far to the USA therefore conflict activization within new system simply - is inevitable.

Politicians from PR and BYuT can be understood. They resolve today tactical issues on elimination from Yushchenko's power, Litvin and other. It is easier to divide the power together, than in the company. However, the method which they chose, can become that notorious gin from a bottle which will bring to Ukraine still bigger chaos


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