Representatives the krymskotatarskikh of the public and political organizations refused the help of Russia

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A row the krymskotatarskikh of the public and political organizations made the statement in connection with the appeal of the Millie Firka organization to the leadership of the Russian Federation.

It is a question about transferred on last week in Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Simferopol the address "Millie Firka" (next year she intends to be transformed to the political party of the same name) to the leadership of Russia with an appeal "to protect radical and other small ethnoses of the Crimea from incessant genocide from nationalist adjusted authorities of Ukraine", reports "Regional committee".

As the prime minister - to the minister Vladimir Putin and the head of the Republic of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev is marked out in the address addressed to the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, "Millie Firka" is compelled to appeal to them as settled "all possible means of protection in Ukraine". Authors of the document report that they collected "a huge number of a material on the facts of terry nationalism in Ukraine and support by its authorities". "We extremely count and we hope for your support and concrete initiatives of suppression of genocide of the small people in Ukraine", - is spoken in the address signed by the chairman of the board "Millie Firka" by Vasvi Abduraimov and transferred him to Consulate general of the Russian Federation in Simferopol.

Representatives the krymskotatarskikh of the public and political organizations in the widespread joint statement sharply condemned similar actions of the Millie Firka organization. "We don't deny the facts of ethnic and religious discrimination from authorities of Ukraine and directly the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, - is spoken in the document. - However the similar address to heads of the state which played unambiguously negative role in the history of the krymskotatarsky people, causes a natural protest". Authors of the statement remind what exactly the Russian state in 1783 liquidated the krymskotatarsky state, made the genocide act in relation to the Crimean Tatars in 1944, held them in the spetsposeleniyakh, blackened the Crimean Tatars in the opinion of the citizens and citizens of subordinates of territories, and also interfered with return of the Crimean Tatars to the historical Homeland."Pro-Russian political forces in the Crimea, receiving every possible including financial support from Moscow, regularly make antikrymskotatarsky statements and actively counteract restoration of the rights of indigenous people of the peninsula", - it is noted in the document.

According to authors of the statement, a main goal of the Millie Firka organization is far not that circumstance that she counts and hopes for support of the Russian Federation and it "concrete initiatives of suppression of genocide of the small people in Ukraine". The true purpose "Millie Firka" as consider the krymskotatarsky organizations, is "occasion creation (as, the order on it, probably, already arrived), allowing "the defender of the small people" to interfere with internal affairs of Ukraine "." And how Russian state the destiny of the Crimean Tatars excites, it is visible from all more than a two-centuries tragic story of its relationship with our people, - is spoken in the statement. - Therefore we consider this address as provocation as methods of the Russian state according to the solution of international problems, well-known the rigidity, cause serious fears for safety and life of the Crimean Tatars".

Under this statement delivered the signatures representatives of 15 organizations, including Leagues the krymskotatarskikh of lawyers "Initsium", Leagues of the Crimean repatriates "Irada", to public organization "Avdet", the Crimean republican public organization "Koydeshler", association the krymskotatarskikh of educators of "Maarifchi", the Crimean republican organization "Krymskotatarsky Youth Center", Public organization "Council of Teachers".


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