In Nikolaev there was a Monument of Kindness

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Despite problems with the Ukrainian customs which extremely complicated delivery of the Monument of Kindness (so it the mayor Vladimir Chaika) nicknamed or "Dandelion" (in a name of the author - the well-known Russian sculptor Grigory Pototsky), "Dandelion" was put on the Nikolaev earth - in a public garden at shipbuilding plant of 61 Communards (that public garden for which the mayor looked after long ago any monument - even Sharayev was going to transfer there "a barrow" while ways of its plans didn't follow political forces). By the way, and the square received now the name - the Kindness square.

At opening of a monument were present not only representatives of the Nikolaev intellectuals, a depuy corps, but also the Moscow guests - Grigory Pototsky, the academician, the head of the charitable organization "International Academy of Kindness" founded 5 years ago, and the known film actress Natalya Andreychenko, "Mary Poppins" all times and people.

As we already reported, "Dandelion" is a gift of the government of Moscow friendly to it to the city. By the way, to the first in Ukraine. Earlier similar 2,5 - the meter bronze sculptures - "dandelions" as which "cap" the palms forming the symbolical globe serve, were established in Tallinn - as the answer to the events connected with dismantle of "The bronze soldier", in Jürmala - just like that, and on border of Austria and Slovenia, in the small town Rach - as a symbol of opening of border between Austria and Slovenia.

And all began 8 years ago when on May 1 in Gogolevsky Boulevard in Moscow for the first time celebrated Day of Kindness.With the organization of a non-standard holiday Grigory Pototsky and Natalya Andreychenko were helped by the known clown - a koshatnik Yury Kuklachev, and the idea of a monument was suggested by Mikhail Zadornov. At the sculptor there is a lot of friends, among them - persons very charismatic: Paolo Coelho, Alexander Gradsky, Alexander Zhurbin, Christina Oyuland (it is vice-the speaker of parliament of Estonia).

Grigory Pototsky is sure that "dandelion" "put" on the Nikolaev earth "will sow" kindness seeds all Ukraine - "it is our today is expensive". He hopes that time will come, and mayors of the cities in whom there are such monuments, will gather and will set politicians an example as it is necessary on - kind to solve problems. A little fondly, but very much sincerely.

The sculptor - the Muscovite considers bad even a legend of Georgy - Pobedonostsa, the patron of the Russian capital, and tells it on - to other. He thinks that actually everything was not so: Georgy was called to the aid by fellow countrymen to get rid of a terrible Dragon - the Dragon, but future sacred went to a cave with good: "Zmeyushka, will suffice бедокурить, leave" …

That obediently left - the kind word and the Snake it is pleasant, - and Georgy took away it to mountains on a long string, there a fright and lived, how many to it it was necessary. Also died a natural death. "On early Christian icons really the Dragon is represented on a string, it later life introduced the severe amendments, and the rope turned into a spear with which sacred on a huge horse pins up a small unfortunate Dragon", - Grigory Viktorovich considers. Perhaps, the kind sculptor not so isn't right?


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