The governor of the Nikolaev area promised to increase forests twice. In the near future the Woods of Nikolayevshchina program

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Today, on September 17, in Nikolaevsk Art Russian drama theater the solemn meeting devoted to Day of the worker of the wood took place.

This day the governor of the Nikolaev area Alexey Garkusha and the chairman of regional council Tatyana Demchenko came to congratulate employees of state forestry.

Opening of a celebration was assumed by the chief of forestry and an okhotnichestvo in the Nikolaev area Pyotr Palamarchuk.

It gave some statistical these works of structure accountable to it in the performance, and also congratulated all employees of forestry.

Pyotr Nikolaevich reported that when summing up by results of afforestation work for 2007 the Nikolaev area won first place in the Cabinet of Ukraine. Also he told that the salary of the ordinary forester increased to 1015 UAH a month.

At solemn meeting the results of work of the state enterprises of forestry in areas for the first half of the year 2008 on which Voznesensky's work, Vradiyevsky and Ochakov regional forestry is noted were summed up.

Alexey Garkusha joined congratulations. However in the performance the governor declared that to rejoice while there is nothing. According to him, afforestations in the Nikolaev area make 4%, and this last place in Ukraine by number of the areas of forests.

The governor assured that the draft of the Woods of Nikolayevshchina program with the purpose to double the area of forest plantings in area will be offered soon, and promised to foresters to allocate the land plots under new plantings.

The chairman of regional council Tatyana Demchenko on behalf of a depuy corps and from herself personally thanked all workers of forestry and congratulated them on a professional holiday.

In the performance Tatyana Vasilyevna noted that, unfortunately, "nikolayevets didn't learn to protect the wood, they don't learn to protect the wood and the children, and the state has no rigid hand" for this purpose to punish for wood destruction, after all in 90% of cases disappearance of forests happens from - for a human factor.

Our edition congratulates workers of forestry on their professional holiday and wishes them health and patience for this purpose further to care of the woods of Nikolayevshchina.


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