Arseny and work all "will grind"

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When yesterday in the morning the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Arseniy Yatsenyuk officially declared dissolution of the democratic coalition, a special applause - neither in a sessional hall, nor in a lobby - wasn't observed. And not least - because of Yatsenyuk's possible resignation. The sympathetic formulation "Is a pity for Senya, not the worst was the speaker" was this day among the most popular under a dome of the Ukrainian parliament.

Meanwhile, "to feel sorry for Senya" isn't necessary - he about itself and itself as - нибудь will take care. The certificate to that is information received by "Regional committee" from credible sources.

According to our data, Arseny Petrovich really considers opportunity to head "the perspective party project". And first of all the speaker studies options with already existing parties "sredney ruki". Some offers already are available for Yatsenyuk. And main from them - to rise at the head of entering Litvin's Block "Labor party".That which was headed by Mikhail Sirota who has tragicly lost in recent road accident.

Any sedition in leading the party which has remained without the charismatic leader, generally - that, no. Moreover, Yatsenyuk and his advisers can applaud: the idea with "Labor party" looks so rationally, as and artistically.

At first about "рацио". TP is the already taken place brand, and favourably different from the whole assembly of the Ukrainian parties - dwarfs and a something ephemeral. Briefly it means that Yatsenyuk and his future colleagues shouldn't start everything with a clean slate. In the conditions of promptly changing political deals it is big plus.

That to virtuosity, here causes respect distinctly thought over principle of "continuity". The Basic Law adopted in June, 1996 forever assigned to Mikhail Sirota an honorary title "the father of the Ukrainian Constitution". 12 years later Arseniy Yatsenyuk, one of which main counters - commitment to the law and the regulations, has chances to pass for "son Konstitutsii".The young and spotless politician accepting relay at the untimely deceased old resident of the Ukrainian statehood, - a such step, you see, looks adequately.

Is, however, in this invention and a small minus - the name of the project. Initials "Labor party" in application to Arseniy Yatsenyuk (with from time immemorial abusive in his lips terms "collective farm" and "farm") - necessarily raise a smile. However in the Ukrainian policy "as you the yacht will call an aphorism - so it and will float" - at all an axiom. And "yacht" can and be renamed over time. Thank God, precedents are available.

Other question is much more important: what pushed Arseny Petrovich to adoption of such decision? The answer is simple: severe circumstances of his spikersky life. Thrown by a presidential hand in the epicenter of parliamentary fight, "hothouse" Yatsenyuk quickly understood that in the Ukrainian policy independent players are appreciated. And meanwhile, he could dream of such independence only. Because after National Bank, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the presidential Secretariat the young speaker had to live almost a year between Balogoy, on the one hand, and Haribda (in the person of opposition and partly - Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc) - with another.

Bowls of scales in fight for Yatsenyuk fluctuated almost monthly. Late spring-2008 Arseny (let and with great reserve) considered "shot" in the Secretariat of the President. In July, thanks to natural flexibility, it already collected many flatter responses from BYuT. However on the eve of opening of regular session of the Verkhovna Rada the speaker left Yulia Timoshenko's favor. Too it is zealous and from positions "WELL-NANOSECOND" - at least, in the public plane - he supported preservation of the democratic coalition.

When the slaughter round the coalition reached the apogee, Yatsenyuk drew the conclusions - and attended to own political project. And excessively Arseny Petrovich won't hurry with his "promotion". And that is why.

In - the first, the speaker distinctly realizes that on his party - infantile, to measures of the Ukrainian policy, age. Not once or twice Yatsenyuk that his time will come in the future mentioned, and not so the close - "when others aren't present, and those far". That is why to climb in "ego" fight to Arseny Petrovich now not from a hand: and the President can взревновать, and the probable coalition of PR - BYuT won't spare. That "to respect itself to force", Yatsenyuk should increase muscles. He also will solve this task in the next years.

In - the second, Arseny Petrovich, though is young, however, not so not to remember the sad outcome which has comprehended parties, created "under elections". "The winter generation", "Vich" and relative false start of "the Uniform Center" - negative examples in the contemporary history of Ukraine is enough. Behind these projects - tens of millions enclosed, counting on fast rating "deal", money. And - "zero at the exit".

Who can keep Yatsenyuk the company in the future project? We won't run ahead of a cart, calling the most logical candidates: Anatoly Gritsenko, Alexander Zinchenko, Bogdan Danilishin, same Raisa Bogatyreva. Arseny Petrovich still should decide on future colleagues. But future party can describe "a collective photo" already now. It is mainly young people, representatives of bank and diplomatic circles, large and medium business, technical (and partly - humanitarian) the intellectuals. People, or created out of "scoop", - or considerably dropped out of its system of coordinates.

One more major question - who, first of all, will begin to finance this good fortune? We will quote the source:

-At Mikhail Sirota "The labor party" was financed, as we know, by Vasily Khmelnytsky. However it is unlikely he will be the main donor at Yatsenyuk. Arseny Petrovich - very rather well-to-do person. Thus it has extensive communications in the western bank circles. Both for foreign, and for domestic sponsors Yatsenyuk - the person with almost exemplary "credit history".

It isn't necessary to be the expert on the Ukrainian policy to predict, will how jealously treat Yatsenyuk's plans in the Secretariat of the President. Another is curious: as Arseny Petrovich's attentively career trajectory study (and project) in Party of Regions. Already enough long time functionaries of PR discuss hearings that "Yushchenko will send Balogu soon the ambassador to one of the West European states, Yatsenyuk will make the head of the Secretariat, and Lytvyna is granted by his favourite chair of the speaker of parliament".

There is also fresher information on, how reacted to Yatsenyuk's "arbitrariness" (at that time even without specifications about "Labor party") at the highest levels "is white - blue". The person from Victor Yanukovych's immediate environment with a sarcastic smile commented to the correspondent of "Regional committee" on information sounded in mass media on contacts of Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Rinat Akhmetov (with barter "sponsorship in exchange for Raisa Bogatyreva"):

- We were told firmly that to Arseny Rinat Leonidovich didn't make any promises. This is Yatsenyuk introduced such hearings. Who told? Yes it is clear, who …


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