The consumer will pay everything

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Source: Economic news

Ministry of Fuel and Energy is concerned a course of preparation for winter. With approach of fall process of permanent rise in price of energy carriers caused problems in thermal power plants in the form of deficiency of coal in warehouses of thermal power plant and negative profitability of the generation companies. However in the winter of a problem can already arise at consumers.

As of September 15 the coal stock in warehouses of thermal power plants of the country made 2,1 million t that 67% of the plan are equal. Energy drinks have every chance not to implement the plan for accumulation by the beginning of a heating season - on October 15 - 4 million t of coal. The first deputy minister of fuel and power Oleg Bugayev reported about it on September 16 on enlarged meeting of board of Ministry of Fuel and Energy. "Such state causes concern and poses threat of energy security of the country", - mister Bugayev told.

According to the president of NAK "Energy Company of Ukraine" Vladimir Zinevich, deficiency of coal in the general energy balance of the country makes now 2,5 million t. Deficiency of coal arose owing to three reasons. The first of them - record for the last five years electricity consumption growth in the country, made in January - July of 4,3%. The main loading on satisfaction of the increased power consumption laid down at power plant of NAK "EKU" which reached record over the last 10 years electric power output. The second reason is an unplanned emergency stop at the end of June of the power unit No. 2 of the Hmelnitsky nuclear power plant. Owing to block idle time nuclear scientists underproduced 2,3 billion kW - h the electric power therefore тепловикам it was necessary to burn in addition 1,2 million t of coal.

However the third, and the main, the reason of emergence of coal problems is caused in energy drinks by decrease in supply of fuel on thermal power plant state enterprise "Coal of Ukraine" which realizes production of the state mines. As the deputy minister of the coal industry Gennady Chobanyan reported, miners reduced supply of black gold to energy drinks, since June of this year, in connection with reorientation of supply of coals of gas group from power by metallurgy.It is known that coal of gas group is a high-calorific and universal product as it can be used both in an energy drink, and in metallurgy.

"In June the price of this group of coals made 1290 UAH for t, and in August - 1980 UAH for t. We can't deliver gas coals on thermal power plant at the price of 455 UAH therefore reoriented deliveries to a metallurgical complex", - mister Chobanyan told. 455 UAH for t are the that price at which "Coal of Ukraine" delivers steam coals on thermal power plant. To save a consumption of scarce coal, NAK "EKU" since summer of this year put into operation reserve gas - black oil power units. In total energy drinks planned to start two such 800 MWt blocks and three - on 300 MWt. According to mister Bugayev, NAK "EKU" in seven months of this year increased gas consumption by 251 million cubic meter - to 3,4 billion cubes and fuel oil - by 5,7 thousand tons, to 46,1 thousand tons.

However it wasn't succeeded to be reoriented on gas in the planned volumes of thermal generation - there were problems with NAK "Neftegaz of Ukraine".

"In the beginning "the Neftegaz of Ukraine" limited to us supply of gas, and then at all started them stopping. Despite an advance payment for gas from our party, NAK doesn't allocate to us limits of natural gas", - mister Zinevich reported. According to him, short deliveries of NAK gas lead to emergency stops of power units, in particular, the power unit on Uglegorsk thermal power plant was stopped on September 15. In the most unattractive situation there was the Kharkov combined heat and power plant-5 to which the Gas of Ukraine state company in general refuses the conclusion of the contract for delivery of natural gas, despite existence of the corresponding recommendation from the working group of Ministry of Fuel and Energy.

The Minister of Fuel and Energy Yury Prodan during board charged to NAK "Neftegaz of Ukraine" to develop and submit for the approval of Ministry of Fuel and Energy an order of allocation of limits on gas consumption. "We already has not isolated cases of abuse of NAK the monopoly position, the turn and reached the power enterprises. What today order of delivery of limits? Why with one on an advance payment gas emit, and another - no? "Petrogas of Ukraine" in the activity has to be guided by strategy of Ministry of Fuel and Energy. It is impossible to accumulate gas in such a way", - the minister told.Really, during board there was an impression that representatives of different segments toplivno - a power complex of the country try to draw a blanket on themselves, being guided not by strategy of Ministry of Fuel and Energy, and own commercial interests.

It is available shortcomings of a condition of semi-pregnancy of domestic energy industry when according to plan - the distributive system can't effectively work any more, and market - can't yet. As said in a lobby during board, both at gas workers, and at miners of opportunity to deliver to energy drinks missing volumes of fuel is. Simply to "Neftegaz" to increase supply of gas by thermal power plant after New year and at the new prices much more favourably. Coal miners in return hold coal shipment, demanding from Ministry of Fuel and Energy and NAK "EKU" once again to raise coal prices. This year the prices of firm fuel to the coal enterprises by 38% already raised. Now the price of domestic coal quite corresponds to world level, and even exceeds it. "Now we buy the Ukrainian coal in domestic market for $96 for t. If to take the present price of coal in the world market from Australia or the Republic of South Africa and to add to it transportation cost to Rotterdam or the Black Sea, you receive at the same price the export contract", - mister Zinevich told.

However, to sign the export contract with the Australian coal miners at NAK "EKU" it won't turn out - in Ukraine there are no deep-water ports. Opportunities to buy coal in Poland too aren't present. Poles this year reduced coal mining by 7% and already it import. There is Russia. However not in September when Russians prepare for a heating season. According to the president of NAK "EKU", at most, on what it is possible to count until the end of the year, is on delivery from Russia in addition half a million tons. On this background domestic coal miners have opportunity to ask power engineering specialists to raise coal prices by 25-30%. "We can go for increase of the price of coal for 25%, but in exchange we ask stability of its deliveries. Situation very serious - power winter under a big question", - the deputy minister of fuel and power Vladimir Luchnikov told.

However, according to mister Luchnikov, wholesale price of the electric power by results of a year also will raise by 62-63%. And it yet limit. According to mister Zinevich, the price of the electric power of thermal power plant since the beginning of 2008 raised by 16% at increase of the price of coal for 38%. As a result тепловики since summer of this year work with negative profitability.So eternally can't last. Expenses should be shifted. Finally - the consumer will pay everything.


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