Tymoshenko will be the prime minister at any deal

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Whatever was the format of the new created parliamentary coalition, a post the prime minister - the minister will remain for Yulia Timoshenko. So the deputy director of Agency of modeling of situations Alexey Golobutsky commented on the thesis of the representative of Party of Regions Sergey Lyovochkin about need of transfer of a post the prime minister - the minister in a quota of Party of Regions in case of creation of the parliamentary coalition with BYuT and Party of Regions participation.

"Today it is possible to predict surely that at any format of the coalition a post the prime minister - the minister will be kept for Yulia Timoshenko as in a present situation acting prime minister is the center of political communication", - Golobutsky declares.

Developing the thought, the expert notes that any other candidate for this position will be compelled to build anew system of the relations with the President, ministers and parliament. "Besides, it is worth understanding that in the light of an aggravation of contradictions between groups of influence in Party of Regions, it isn't so obligatory that the candidate for a post the prime minister - the minister becomes Victor Yanukovych", - Golobutsky considers.

In his opinion, a number of personnel changes both in system executive, and in system of legislature and, first of all, the candidate of the speaker of parliament, передасет by the UNIAN can be discussed today.

"The post of the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, and already then a number of key posts in system of executive power and on places becomes the main subject of the auction. Exactly round these positions the new system of relationship in the power also will be built, the control and motivation system", - predicts the political scientist.

According to him, the question only in that is who becomes making part of this system: "It is obvious that political forces of the President - are disoriented and can't imagine how they can be integrated into her", - the expert considers.


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