Rada will toughen punishments for violations of the rules of traffic

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Yesterday the Verkhovna Rada assumed as a basis the bill of the president Victor Yushchenko significantly toughening responsibility for violation of traffic regulations. According to the document, penalties will be considerably increased, the system of charge of penal points is entered, it will be in some cases allowed to staff of GAI to take away driver's licenses before adjudication. Lawyers consider the last norm "unfair".

The presidential bill No. 1061-5 "About modification of some acts concerning improvement of regulation of the relations in the sphere of safety of traffic" provides increase in penalties for violation of the rules of traffic (traffic regulations). In particular, for journey on forbidding signal of the traffic light it is necessary to pay about 200 hryvnias, and for management of the drunk vehicle - from 1300 hryvnias to 2550 hryvnias. Ordinary staff of GAI, and the officials having special ranks will be authorized to fine drivers not: inspectors and chiefs of divisions of the State traffic inspectorate. Use of seat belts and crash helmets becomes obligatory.

However the main innovation of the bill is creation of the mechanism of control of violations by a way of charge of penal points. In case of violation of traffic regulations by the person, the sum of which penal points will reach or will exceed 30, it in a judicial order will deprive of the driving license. If within a year from the moment of the last violation the sum of penal points doesn't increase, they will be automatically repaid. It is supposed that the accounting of penal points will be carried out by means of the special automated system which will be created by the State traffic inspectorate. The head of labor union of taxi drivers Vasily Popik estimates adoption of the specified bill positively. "Ur, hurrah, hurrah - and write. I think, the situation on roads will improve now.And as for taxi drivers, all of them are professionals, rules don't violate therefore of responsibility aren't afraid", - he told Kommersant.

In spite of the fact that the norm, allowing to deprive of the driving license for rough violations of traffic regulations only by a court decision is enshrined in the bill, the document provides to authorize the staff of GAI to take away in certain cases driver's licenses before pronouncement of such decision. Depriving of the driver of the rights, the inspector of GAI will be obliged to give out him temporary permission to management of the vehicle.

However, the lawyer Alexey Reznikov calls this norm "unfair". According to him, the employee Gosavtoinspektsii, having taken away the rights from the driver, "will assume powers of court". "Only the court can solve, the driver of the rule broke or not. This norm can stimulate small road corruption - drivers will try to pay off. I think, deputies hurried", - mister Reznikov told.

At the same time the head of the department of GAI of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Sergey Kolomiyets considers that the new bill will help to bring an order on roads. "Certainly, this law is necessary. Introduction of point on deprivation of drivers of certificates by the staff of GAI to a judgment at last - that will allow to stop all conversations on it", - he emphasized.

Consideration by the Verkhovna Rada of the bill in the second reading has to take place on September 19.


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