The State Office of Public Prosecutor demands to remove from counters a half of baby food

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The State Office of Public Prosecutor demanded from Ministry of Health and Gospotrebstandart to toughen requirements to producers and importers of baby food. According to security officers, operators of the market in large quantities break the Law "About Baby Food". It was accepted by the Verkhovna Rada in 2006, writes "Business".

According to article 9 of this document, the companies it is forbidden to use food starch and wheat flour in production of products of baby food. "Ministry of Health and Institute of pediatrics drew the conclusions that these components are harmful", - the author of the law, the deputy of parliament of last convocations Igor Chelombitko reported.

According to the edition, the prosecutor's office demanded "to carry out a repeated assessment of the conclusions state sanitarno - epidemiological examination concerning products of baby food of the companies "Vimm — the Bill — Dunn", Bebivita, "Yunimilk", Semper, "Nestlé", HIPP regarding existence in their composition of starch and wheat flour still on June 27. After that, according to producers of baby food, Gospotrebstandart and Ministry of Health reduced issue of allowing documents without which products can't be sold in the country. "Nam Minzdrav refused to issue the hygienic conclusions on porridges for children of 4 months, reasoning that they contain wheat flour", - Elena Eremenko, the head of department of baby food of the Nestlé — Ukraine company confirms.

The marketing director of the Yunimilk — Ukraine company Maxim Kuchko adds that from - for contents in starch products Ministry of Health withdrew the hygienic conclusions of three types of can food of the Subject trademark which the company planned to import from the enterprises in Russia.

"The necessity of these measures is caused by essential deterioration of health of minors from - for the uses of substandard food", - explain in a press - service of the State Office of Public Prosecutor.

Elena Eremenko doesn't deny that nearly 50% of all products of baby food contain a flour and starch. They contain in porridges, can food, fruit puree, children's cookies, in some types of substitutes of breast milk.Thus producers assure that these components are absolutely safe. They say that baby food with the content of starch and wheat flour no more dangerously for children, than bread, potato, cream of wheat or kissel. "Use of starch and wheat flour in baby food is authorized the international and Ukrainian norms", - Eremenko claims. "Starch of the Novation series contains in fruit, фруктово - vegetable and the TM "Agusha" vegetable mashed potatoes. It is necessary for giving of mashed potatoes of more dense consistence and for an exception of stratification of a product in a storage time", - explained in the Vimm — the Bill — Dunn company. The same type of starch is used and as a part of fruit mashed potatoes of the known companies Nestle and Semper.

Participants of the market note that in spite of the fact that the Law "About Baby Food" was adopted in 2006, Ministry of Health, prosecutor's office and Gospotrebstandart intensified control of observance of its norms only after the entry of Ukraine into the World Trade Organization. Some participants of the market don't exclude that state institutions work in interests of domestic producers of baby food. "Usually starch and wheat flour are used at production of high-tech products of baby food with big periods of storage", - Maxim Kuchko confirms. Such products are, as a rule, imported to Ukraine.


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