The market is open. In Ukraine sell small parties

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The market is open

In Ukraine "sell" small parties. All structures having though any hope for the future, are ready to expose on the tender where buyers become perspective policy of "the second echelon".

Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Anatoly Gritsenko, Raisa Bogatyreva, Sergey Tigipko - here far not to buy the full list wishing already existing party. Not to create it from scratch and to avoid thereby excess expenses. Other business that the majority of parties in the secondary market in itself need injections for promotion. Whether will be able to become it springboards for their new owners?

Times when arrival of an era of "death of small parties" was actively discussed and approach of inevitable oligarchical two-party membership, seemingly, receded. In any case, to brands of type Labour, Agrarian and other parties we are ready to give the second life. It is relied on a figure of the leader, and not just on his finance. It is worth remembering that, perhaps, top of discredit of the previous stage "purchases" of parties I was the KUNA, cheap acquired by the head of "Naftogaz" of that time Ivchenko. However new buyers both it is more careful and cleverer, and parties to themselves choose with a minimum level of prospects.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk, having resigned from a position of the head of the Verkhovna Rada, it is quite capable to get mediocre party, especially, "to lift fallen". The only party of this kind existing nowadays without the leader owing to the natural reasons - "Labour Ukraine", headed by the lost Mikhail Sirota. It is quite possible that Yatsenyuk if he wants to begin independent political career, can lead this party. However on so easy - owing to absence of the leader - production can be and other applicants from the same cohort, for example, Raisa Bogatyreva. It as - that looks in "labor" image, than mister speaker better.

We will remember at least history of formation of notorious "ETs". Till March of this year the Party of a private property of Vadim Gurzhos was "ancestor" of party little-known (to put it mildly). Gurzhos appointed to a grain position of head "Ukravtodor", and party Victor Baloga took away it seems himself, started to mold ETs.

In Ukraine there is enough of especially nominal parties having, however, the charter, the press and even the account. Under the law, not less than 10 thousand have to support a party creation.citizens in two thirds of regions of the country, and about all this even the most dwarfish parties have "incontestable" certificates. Actually it is the frozen assets. Their owner, often - a certain oligarch of regional scale or the mediocre deputy - waits when also to whom he will be able to sell the property. Party - the same goods, as well as real estate. If at it is a little - мальски operating infrastructure. The price of party can reach 1 million dollars. On hearings, certainly.

In Ukraine 150 parties, 90% from which - nominal and frozen are officially registered. It is a lot of among them especially regional. Some them them actively "shine" in the regions to them have there essential support (the Russian parties of the Crimea). But about their sale the speech doesn't go yet. It is a question of a huge number of "paper" parties, each of which can be given to the new owner. Process is formalized by carrying out congress, often - the structure comes party renaming (if the old name absolutely already ineptly to image of the new leader) - and to the arena new, ready to fight against heavyweights of a politicum.

SDPU(O) rebranding at the end of 1990-was the most successful project of such Ukraine for all history x. Now социал - to democrats just right to carry out the second rebranding. It will be quite expensive, maybe, even the most expensive if the party leadership on such decides. In total - for SDPUO) - real party cells and party very much "with history". However there is still a set of potential lots, much cheaper. Among them there are, for example, owners of such original names, as All-Ukrainian party of national trust, All-Ukrainian party of the World and Unity or All-Ukrainian party of spirituality and patriotism. There is also Nikolay Katerinchuk's European party (the truth, it isn't audible that the last wanted it to give somebody).

It is necessary to understand that parties are also inclined to unite in blocks round potential candidates not presidency. Posedeny example such - almost violent data together democrats for creation НУНСа. And the present situation with this collection of political ambitions is caused not only the notorious thesis that "two Ukrainians - three hetmen". Much more important a situation in which NUNS appeared as a result of actions of the President of Ukraine and the head of his secretariat.But, in fact, in case of NUNS disintegration, or rather already WELL (as National self-defense already goes to separate swimming) on the political map of Ukraine in "a free mode" all its components can return, since Rukh and finishing KUHN.

So, and them there can be a buyer. Only is more expensive.


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