The prince Obolonsky or who stole the embankment?

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Источник the golf Constructed on Obolonskaya Embankment - the club was initially presented as a venue of the world championships, a sports place for inhabitants of Kiev. However since creation the club didn't accept any public actions, and the only chosen manage to pass through institution gate. Who cheated inhabitants of the capital? And whether it is necessary for inhabitants of Kiev golf - the field which has selected at them 6 hectares of recreational lands? When the City Council allocated lands on Obolonskaya Embankment under construction golf - club, to inhabitants of the capital promised to keep their favourite vacation spot and, at the same time, to create a modern sports complex for competitions of a world class. But anything it didn't occur. No championships, all-comers competitions, or other public events in club were held. Precious hectares appeared behind a wall. Inside can get only "chosen", generally driving about on "Lexuses" and "Bentley".

In parallel with club it was created a number of federations - adult, youthful. Federations based allegedly in order that all age categories of inhabitants of Kiev could try a prestigious sport. But not here - that was. It appeared that federations - only fiction, a screen. Inhabitants of the capital and their children at all received nothing, and only lost. Statements of mister Kiroyants controlling club, like: "children very much like to walk at us because here it is pure, the territory is protected", look simply cynical. In order that it will be convinced of "honesty" of words of Sergey Georgiyevich rather simply "to kiss the lock" tightly closed gate.

Who this mister who has dexterously arranged of inhabitants of Kiev? It appears, Kiroyants - the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada 4-го convocation, exactly thanks to parliamentary communications to it was succeeded to achieve allocation of the desired earth. The ex-нардепа on the account has "acts" and stronger, than simply obirany inhabitants of the capital. In due time journalists the Internet - editions christened Kiroyants "bomber".This interesting rank, according to the Ukraine Criminal resource, Sergey Georgiyevich earned thanks to numerous arsons and three blastings property of the neighbor in giving. Naturally, the people's deputy didn't put trotyl - sent the colleague by the name of Chaplinsky.

But that was not so skilled in diversionary business and didn't justify high trust - fell into militia hands, without having destroyed the hated neighbor. Kiroyants actively tried to extend the performer of "blasting" works from - for lattices, connecting friendly People's Deputies. It in general exposed the conclusion of the colleague as his political prosecution personally and deputies of Centre group in which it for that time stayed. Kiroyants even declared planned attempt at his life from - for political activity. What for a powerful figure Sergey Georgiyevich in public policy, whether really he "is so pig-headed", what to him there is no other approach except physical elimination?

As well as possible the political outlook of mister Kiroyants is illustrated by his reflections about interrelation of prostitution and policy. "Prostitution too happens different. Is roadside, and there is "escort"! So give at least "escort" that it isn't so obvious", - Sergey Georgiyevich from "Weekly 2000" pages argued. Kiroyants didn't use words lightly, he persistently adheres to the chosen model of behavior in life. Considerable part of the biography of the former People's Deputy - continuous "escort".

In 2002 mister Kiroyants passed in Rada according to the Socialist party list, and in the list it included at congress before elections, delegates even couldn't say a surname of future "socialist". Kiroyants's interests absolutely not for long coincided with interests of socialists. The first serious vote - and Kiroyants, contrary to the solution of party, votes for appointment as the speaker of Vladimir Litvin who for that time was Kuchma's protege.

The following vote on a key question, and Kiroyants's voice becomes the prime minister of Victor Yanukovych solving in appointment. Kiroyants expelled from fraction, but, apparently, he not especially was upset. Having stayed till April extra fractional, Sergey Georgiyevich enters Centre group - there more favourably. But, for a while. Soon extra factiousness becomes again more expensive to it, and he leaves "Center". A year more, and mister Kiroyants at all changes political views. Now its choice - Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc, however, for some months. Further - again a vnefaktsionnost.

For working hours of the Verkhovna Rada 4-го convocation mister Kiroyantsu managed to pass 319 meetings, having almost put, thus, an anti-record. It was succeeded to outstrip Kiroyants by number of "admissions" to only two нардепам. But the soul called Sergey Georgiyevich to new to "labor fulfillments". On parliamentary elections of 2006 Sergey Kiroyants it is proud "% EKO+25" strode already under flags. However, this time good luck turned to ex-to the deputy "not that party". What to do, obviously, career of "escort" is transient, and the professional old age and unfitness come as quickly as well as to other, less exclusive prostitutes.

And now on deserved political rest this basic person found to himself a consolation on Obolonsky coast. There it accepts lovely to heart "political beau monde" and simply enjoys the nature, life. And what from this, what behind a fence simple kids are compelled to drive a ball under exhaust pipes on the broken asphalt, instead of elegantly to wave sticks on a green lawn? After all to everyone - on merits!


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