To Voznesensk there arrived youth delegation from the Republic of South Africa

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To the city of Voznesensk of the Nikolaev area there arrived youth delegation as a part of ten people from the twin-city of Municipality of Hesekua (It is southern - the African republic), reports a press - Voznesensky's service of city council.

The delegation in Nikolayevshchina will be within six days - from September 17 to September 22. During this time guests intend to visit the industrial enterprises, соцобъекты, the museums and city schools. Also they intend to get acquainted with the tourist capacity of the city, to hear to a series of lectures about experience of democratic transformations in Ukraine. Besides, the youth from the Republic of South Africa intends to communicate to a student's asset and student's youth of Voznesensk.

Today, on September 18, at 14:00 in an office of the mayor the ceremony of a meeting of foreign delegation to which local mass media were invited took place. On September 21 at 9:00 in Kibrik's museum the exposition devoted to the African culture and traditions of Municipality of Hesekua will open.

Cooperation of the city of Voznesensk with Municipality of Hesekua began on June 11, 2005 - the contract on cooperation was signed then. The municipality of Hesekua belongs to province Eden's administrative region the Western Keyp Yuzhno - the African republic. 8 small cities are a part of Municipality: Riversdeyl, Haydelberg, Albertiniya, Slangriver, Goyurishmond, Zhongesfontin, the Table beat also Vintsant. The center is the city of Riversdeyl. The executive mayor who has representatives in the above-mentioned cities and 15 deputies of city council presides over the territory.

For the last three years the city of Voznesensk was visited by four official delegations from municipality of Hesekua, twice with official visits of delegation voznesenets had opportunity to take part in celebration of the City Day of Hesekua. During the last visit to municipality of Hesekua the exposition of the Ukrainian culture and history of Voznesensk was open.

In 2007 between the cities of Hesekua and Voznesensk the foundation to an initiative of the general implementation of the "Youth Leadership and Experience of Democratic Transformations" program was laid.Within the program in September, 2007 youth delegation of Voznesensk as a part of 12-ти the person visited Municipality of Hesekua, examined culture and religion, policy and a management system of South Africa, and also with experience of democratic transformations in recent years in It is southern - the African Republic.


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