Yulia Timoshenko failed preparation for winter

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The government and Ministry of Fuel and Energy in particular failed preparation of a power complex of the country for passing to the oseena - the winter period, the People's Deputy of Ukraine, ex-the Minister of Fuel and Energy Yury Boyko considers. The press is told about it - service нардепа in the statement, extended.

In opinion Quickly, the first signs of approaching crisis were visible even in the summer.

"Deficiency of steam coal and low rates of its accumulation in warehouses of thermal power plant resulted in need of start in August of gas blocks of the Ukrainian thermal power plants which, on government strategy, shouldn't have worked from at all - for high cost of gas as fuels for electricity generation", - notes нарпдеп.

Thus Quickly reminds that according to expected power balance of Ukraine the current year, the approved Cabinet of Ukraine and signed by the first vice-the prime minister Oleksandr Turchynov, minimum necessary stocks of coal on thermal power plant for September 1 had to make 3,1 million tons. However actually for the specified date in warehouses of thermal power plant was 2,1 million tons of coal. The resistant tendency to reduction of these stocks was thus observed.

"According to official figures the governments, this year growth of coal mining made 4,4% in comparison with last year. More budgetary funds began to be allocated for financing of coal branch. However power plants why - that on - former have an acute shortage of coal. Where this coal which production allegedly grows, including at the expense of direct state subsidies got to? " - the deputy speaks.

In this regard нардеп specifies that from - for shortages of coal of Ministry of Fuel and Energy authorized start of two gases - black oil blocks of 800 MWt (on Uglegorsk and Zaporozhye thermal power plant), and also three gases - black oil blocks of 300 MWt (on Tripolsky and Ladyzhinsky thermal power plant). According to ex-the minister, it will lead to the further growth of wholesale price for the electric power which and without that grew this year already by 37%, having reached a point 370 UAH for MWt - h, and comes nearer to the price level of Eastern and Southern Europe.

"In addition to a rise in prices for gas it became a painful blow on the power-intensive industry of Ukraine", - he notes.

At the same time, according to Yu. Boyko, emergency start of gas - black oil blocks of thermal power plant as the NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy doesn't emit to the generation companies natural gas in volumes requested by them, even as note in NAK "Energy Company of Ukraine", despite timely payment and even a partial advance payment can't guarantee stable work of power even.

"Thus, in energy industry of Ukraine there is the extremely disturbing situation. The government and Ministry of Fuel and Energy management occupied with political intrigues and corporate dismantlings, absolutely failed preparation of a power complex for winter and isn't able to provide at least the minimum coordination of actions between "Naftogaz of Ukraine", "Coal of Ukraine" and "The energy company of Ukraine" which surely play in a swan, cancer and a pike, shifting at each other responsibility for consequences", - it is noted in the statement нардепа.

In his opinion, in this context "special cynicism" renewal by the present management of Ministry of Fuel and Energy of deliveries of the electric power to Poland and Moldova, "and at the prices below existing in domestic market of Ukraine" looks.

"For the last year the Minister of Fuel and Energy also promised to begin her deliveries to Georgia, Baltic and even Israel. There is an impression that Ukraine suffers from a surplus of the electric power and is ready to give practically it to the neighbors", - notes Quickly.

Thus, according to the ex-the Minister of Fuel and Energy, Ministry of Fuel and Energy intends to begin in September electric power import from Russia in volume about 500 MWt.

"For the first time in history Ukraine will be compelled to resort to the help of Russia for ensuring the balance on the electric power. You shouldn't forget thus what exactly to Russia all year there went emissaries of Ministry of Fuel and Energy and NAK "Energy Company of Ukraine" in search of coal for a deficiency covering in Ukraine", - notes Quickly.

"As a result instead of the government of point mentioned in everyone program document on overcoming of power dependence of Ukraine from Russia on supply of oil and gas our country moves to creation of the new relations of dependence, already in the sphere of import of the electric power and even coal", - the deputy summarizes.

As it was reported, on board of Ministry of Fuel and Energy on Tuesday September 16 the First Deputy Minister of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine Oleg Bugayev noted that the ministry is concerned a situation with coal accumulation in thermal power plant warehouses in anticipation of a heating season. According to him, as of September 1 of the current year in warehouses of thermal power plant 2,4 million tons of coal whereas by September 15 stocks were reduced to 2,1 million tons were saved up.

O. Bugayev noted that it is connected with short deliveries of coal GP "Coal of Ukraine", and also with unplanned repair of the second power unit of the Hmelnitsky nuclear power plant.

In turn, the president of NAK "Energy Company of Ukraine" Vladimir Zinevich noted the critical situation which has developed with fuel supply of thermal power plants. In particular, according to him, failure of the power unit of the Hmelnitsky nuclear power plant led 1,2 million tons of the coal taken from warehouses to an unplanned expense.


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