Roofs in Nikolaev will wait

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The Nikolaev city budget for results of 9 months won't be counted several million hryvnias. Thus the debt on the bought land plots since 2005 makes 1 million 200 thousand UAH, and on a delay of payments - 6 million UAH, the correspondent КПУnews reports.

Today, on September 18, the deputy mayor, the director of the department of housing and communal services Vladimir Novozhilov made a speech at meeting of 27 sessions of the Nikolaev city council with information on problems of housing and communal services. According to him, the municipal services have three big problems. "The others we deal with all systematically", - Vladimir Novozhilov told.

The main problems of housing and communal services - water supply being on other river bank the Southern Bug of regions of Big and Small Korenikhi and Varvarovki, heating installation for SOSh No. 40 and the maintenance of the Range of TBO.

As for water, the centralized giving from a city network there isn't present, and a ban of SES and prosecutor's office don't allow to use natural water. Decision-making was served by existence of repeatedly exceeding standards of the content in water of salts of heavy metals and bacteriological pollution. In Department plans - construction of a dyuker through the river who will deliver dneprovsky water to these areas. Construction is planned since 2009, and the termination - in 2-2,5. Start-up of a dyuker requires financing of 10 million UAH annually.

No. 40 SOSh is the only object which is served by the Nikolaev combined heat and power plant in the remote Ship district of the city, that rather seriously influences prime cost of heat. Besides, according to experts, capital repairs will manage to the city budget in the sum about 900 thousand UAH. At the same time the enclosed project of Department on installation of a modular heating complex can cost 1 million UAH. "Figures are rather comparable, but the effect from a complex will be notable already at once", - Vladimir Novozhilov reported.

Concerning TBO Range, according to the director of the department of housing and communal services, with adoption of the project of waste recycling plant load of the Range undoubtedly to decrease, however any of considered 3-x projects doesn't provide processing of 100% of city waste. 15-20% nevertheless should be placed on the Range.For high-quality work and for the purpose of prevention of a major fire on a city dump some units of big buldoser equipment were bought, but for a full complete set housing and communal services need 350 thousand more UAH

In the made decision on results of hearing of information of the deputy mayor deputies made the decision to address in financial management to consider possibility of allocation of necessary means.

As Vladimir Chaika reported, the municipality rests hopes only upon subventions from the Verkhovna Rada, therefore in interests of a community that it as soon as possible could enter the course of constructive work.


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