Igor Kril: "We can go on elections on - to a miscellaneous"

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The party leader "Uniform Center" assures that "its ratings don't interest". Already interestingly.

Conversation of "Regional committee" with the leader of "The uniform center" Igor Kril was preceded by the unpleasant incident which has happened between "ETs" and a number of advertizing structures across all Ukraine. We quote the source which has provided to us this information:

"At the beginning of September of this year the regional organizations of Uniform Center party reserved on all regional centers of Ukraine advertizing spaces (бигборды). Advertisement makers prepared contracts and sent them to Kiev. In "ETs" speak: let's use our versions of contracts. We edited their options. From their party it was accurately told: we precisely reserve your advertizing spaces. Passed about 10 days - and they speak: we want to change refusal conditions.

The usual standard across all Ukraine - it is necessary to notify on refusal in 30 days prior to the beginning of "reklamonosheniye". If isn't present - then the course is entered by penalties. We at once had a question: and why such changes? You want to refuse the order? They speak: no, we take 100% and by all means we will pay already tomorrow - whether so everything is equal, what term we will establish under contracts if we do 100% of an advance payment?

Already then it became clear that "ETs" can "move down from a subject". But then they started paying. Since Monday passed payments to several customers. On Tuesday - too slightly - slightly. To some paid. And then to responsible persons of "ETs" in Kiev the team - to stop payments because advertizing on the bigbordakh won't be came. We begin conversation on penalties, and they answer: "Well, time we didn't sign the contract, we then can not pay, all our arrangements are cancelled". And contracts at many really weren't signed, they pulled, all corrected - yet didn't tighten to the last. Now children - advertisement makers try "to beat out" any penalties, but them while "send". That will be tomorrow - it isn't known".

With a request to comment on this situation we and addressed to Igor Kril. The leader of ETs greeted the correspondent of "Regional committee" with with a smile:

- And you are the representative of these advertizing agencies?

- No, however us interests, whether this conflict is a consequence of organizational discrepancies, or the decision not to put бигборды is caused by reasons of political character?

- There are plans and steps for implementation of these plans. In this situation there is nothing political, is organizationally - information work. We made the decision that those ideas which we want to inform through various information companies, will be implemented some other way. We will go to people. Our deputies happened in different regions - and we came to a conclusion that the most effective element of the report of our position, our truth is a communication with people.

- Technology "from a door to a door"?

- Yes. It much more effectively also brings more result, than to draw something or to show a roller.

- And who made such decision?

- Party leadership. People who define this situation.

- How you will technically leave a situation? There is after all a correspondence, documents. Whether you consider, what not really well arrived with people to whom ordered бигборды?

- We with these people will arrive normally, believe. We understand it. With them there was a concrete and simple arrangement. And we sustained today this arrangement. We had yesterday "an hour X" to give the answer. And we gave them the answer. That is we didn't arrive dishonestly. Here if refused in a day, - then another matter...

- We will pass to affairs general political. Deputies from "our Ukraine" told "Regional committee" and other mass media about how during a meeting of parliamentarians from "WELL" with Victor Yushchenko one deputy stated to the President close to much thought: pier, Victor Andreevich, "The uniform center" - party of Balogi, while "our Ukraine" - your party. Then Victor Andreevich appealed to "ETs" management, so to speak: to brake rough self-identification of party in case of elections (or other sort of "situations") to work with one fist with "our Ukraine" and other pro-presidential forces. As far as this history is true?

- Well, I don't know about what you in general speak. I don't understand. Because I there wasn't and it didn't hear.

- Here we also tell you …

- … Well, you there too, probably, weren't and too it didn't hear.

- To us about it spoke some deputies.

- I too spoke from several colleagues who there were. They don't support such point of view and don't say that such was. In principle, at that meeting everyone heard that wanted to hear and which - who even in air gave out it. Here and all question. "The uniform center" is for today a political party which totals more than 25 thousand members and every day quantitatively grows. "The uniform center" is a political party which included more than 60% of people which never were in any party. And it means that for those people who look at our political contribution, that occurs in our policy (and it isn't pleasant to them) - these people made for themselves the decision that they want to influence this process. Other 40% are representatives more than 50 Ukrainian political parties. It means that "The uniform center" offered society (not to leaders, not hetmen, leaders, and society) unique process of association. Which takes place today in "The uniform center". And that there someone, probably, wants or there is no wish (I mean representatives of "our Ukraine") … "Our Ukraine has all opportunities to bring everything that it wishes in society. It is necessary to do it only. If it doesn't become, then there are questions.

To colleagues from "our Ukraine" would like to wish not to look for problems in "The uniform center", and to look for them in "our Ukraine".

From "our Ukraine" there are people. Not all of them go to "The uniform center". Not all. Here it is the question needs to be raised and given on it a question. Also I want to tell that from representatives of political parties "our Ukraine" isn't the most mass in "The uniform center". It is the truth.>

- You sounded very pleasant for "The uniform center" figures …

- … They not pleasant, they real.

- Here also we will talk about reality. The problem of "dead souls" and development of political projects exists in all Ukrainian parties. For example, "regionals" complain that g - N Levochkin regularly palms off on Victor Yanukovych "pleasant" figures. While the reality looks a little on - to another …

- … That you long didn't suffer, I will answer immediately to you. I will tell that we have a few other approaches to formation of our ranks. We - the only party in Ukraine which has a candidate experience for the members. It is that gate which doesn't allow to form party of "dead souls".As in three months it is possible to check, whether this person wants to enter a party really, or someone to it induces him. Only after that the person admit to the party. We - the only such party, also is the truth. At anybody more such isn't present. Because the majority of parties needs quantity. We need quality of these people. Those people who really want to change something.

Therefore you can not worry about our such figures. Moreover, I will tell that the rigid system works for us - both organizational, and computer. We see each person who wrote the application. I at myself on the computer see its photo where it works, I see all other characteristics. It is made only in order that the party wasn't under construction of "dead souls".

- We talked to deputies from "our Ukraine" who are skeptical about "ETs". It, certainly, their subjective point of view …

-(interrupting)By the way, we treat "our Ukraine" very kindly(smiles)

- … according to these people if tomorrow passed parliamentary elections, "ETs" would receive 0,1%.

- And you trust in it?

- To this figure? No.

- Thanks.

- What last results of your inner-party researches? You can call rating indicators of "ETs"?

- Here take and put itself to the place of people who organize process. To which really two months. Such figures would interest you? Or you another would interest - to an example, organizational work?

- Dynamics of growth of a rating would interest. You can share such data?

- I speak once again: us it also doesn't interest. Because …

- Sorry, it isn't trusted. Well, it isn't believed that the head of party the project rating doesn't interest.

- Believe that we don't conduct such researches and we don't see these things. For us it is now more important that having worked as two months, in a month one and a half we would finish organizational creation of party. It is more important. Because it will give the chance to organize all campaigns including planned now - to go to people. Without people to go to people - it is impossible. And ratings will be interesting during elections. When there will be elections, and what ratings they will show - here then we will talk.

- And late won't be?

- Won't be.Never happens late. It is necessary to do work and not to worry about ratings. Not in ratings, by and large, an essence. If ratings become the purpose, it is not that purpose for which the party is created.

- At one time there were many conversations on emergence in structure of your party of persons known to Ukrainians. Yatsenyuk's names, by Bogatyreva, etc. were told. What new names in "ETs" should be expected and whether there will be they in general?

- We have a few other process, and that speak about us, is us pleases. By and large, even if write in the negative direction …

- For example, as at you on a party site? There after all continuous "anti-Julian" orientation …

- The party site is a party site. Here "Regional committee" is not a party site, he writes about all equally. It is interesting to us that about us all wrote. So precisely, as well as you write. As for new faces … It seems to someone that the party is strong if well-known people enter into it from different political parties. We have other process: we will form persons about whom Ukraine and who will be pleasant to Ukraine will learn. In it our essence. We, of course, will welcome if any known person in Ukraine wishes to enter our party. But us first of all interests that it for the person that at him behind shoulders and what his internal aspirations.

- You speak about new faces. At present from party leadership real interest is caused by Victor Baloga, your personality and, probably, Lesya Orobets. The others, from the point of view of the press, - persons rather gray …

- Bad word …

- Well, it not your point of view, and ours …

- All the same bad(laughs)

- In the same parliament some representatives of "ETs" when you ask them a question, start playing the game "Ask the Krill". So where that generation of new people about whom you speak? The party everything is there is any more the first month …

- The second. The third went(laughs). I was told on one press - conferences: well, show new celebrated personalities! And I answered: friends, well as you so want, same unnatural question statement: the new - and known. After all if they new, unknown. And if they known - that not new.

- It is casuistry …

- It not the casuistry, is reality. The person becomes known during work and in the course of the long period.Not in two months. Believe that if we now have normal people who in the long term can be good, kind, strong, perspective Ukrainian politicians, they are unknown today. And in two months too don't become known. You now even don't want to interview them. But time will come - and you to them will come. And you will see them. But for this purpose time is necessary. And anything more.

- Question banal, but, nevertheless, interesting to our readers. If in December or, say, parliamentary elections take place in the early spring - you can give accurate assurances, what "The uniform center" will go to them the separate list?

- In policy "if" it is wrong. If elections become reality (that is, speaking conditionally, or the Verkhovna Rada самораспустится, or the decree about parliament dissolution will be issued) - here then "The uniform center", presidium, political council will give the answer to this question. We can go on elections on - to a miscellaneous. Also it is the truth, today I so can answer. Most likely, we will separately go. But we can go on - to a miscellaneous. Today it is a question it is irrelevant. And to speak about it - it is uninteresting.


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