Resignation of the speaker is initiated by Victor Balogoy

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The source in the Secretariat of the President declares that Yatsenyuk's resignation was developed on Bank to make parliament incapacitated.

The matter is that its signature under the adopted law does it legitimate and only from its blessing transfer for publication and the publication in "the Voice to Ukraine" and "the Uryadovy courier" laws then they come into force.

"For this reason Yatsenyuk will simply refuse to sign laws. And that, after all all of them won't be able equally to dismiss him, it is unprofitable to them. And if dismiss and will vote for new is there will be a technical figure. And a sign that the coalition between BYuT and regionals didn't take place, so, there will be re-elections", - explains a source.

As the edition, the same situation and with already accepted writes earlier laws on Cabinet of Ministers, the State Office of Public Prosecutor, SBU and commissions of inquiry. The term which has been taken away by the President for their veto, passed, and Yushchenko didn't tell the word.

"It simply ignores them, considers that they violate the Constitution. They hanged in air, after all Yatsenyuk for anything won't give a green light to their publication", - explains an edition source.

Also, according to him, on Bank in the union of regionals and byutovets don't trust, though are interested in it. "And that, it to us only on a hand, it will be strong blow to Yulya's western electorate that is favorable to the President, - he speaks. - The decree about dissolution of parliament is ready, but it isn't signed yet", - tells a source. Hearings that Yushchenko will consider as a reference point of date of issue of the decree on September 3 (this day Yatsenyuk about an exit "WELL - NANOSECOND" from the coalition), instead of 16 (when Yatsenyuk declared it from a parliament tribune) the source on Bank disproves. "On the contrary, we will accurately verify dates not to give to opponents the grounds for charge of illegitimacy. As for possible date of elections, it will be or 15, or on December 21", - tells a source.


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