From - for the withdrawn deputies - vitrenkovets the decisions accepted on 27 sessions of the City Council, can be appealed in court?

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Today, on September 19, passes 3-е plenary session of 27 sessions of the Nikolaev city council. At the beginning of meeting in a hall 60 people were registered. Deputies, probably, having been tired of yesterday's hard work, couldn't collect the strength in any way and start the responsibilities. This problem was solved by the secretary of the City Council Vladimir Korenyugin who urged deputies to take the places somewhat quicker: "We will sit down earlier - we will leave" earlier.

However 3 plenary session began with organizational problems.

As already reported "to Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", on August 3 at presidium of the Central Committee of PSPU the decision on a response 30-ти deputies of local councils of various regions of Ukraine was made. Among them there were also four deputies of the Nikolaev city council, namely: Bronislav Dolgosheev, Vadim Akhanchonok, Sergej Choubin, Lilia Lyakh.

In this regard at the beginning of session of the City Council the leader of fraction Natalya Vitrenko's Block "National opposition" Dmitry Nikonov who has reported acted that the missive with the decision on a response of deputies was sent to the City Council and registered in accordance with the established procedure. In this regard all decisions made on 27 sessions of the City Council with participation in vote of these deputies, can be appealed in court as illegitimate.

This statement, naturally, caused indignation of "derelicts": deputies started being indignant and declared that will take part in vote while deputy powers won't be removed from them.

This situation caused an agiotage among all participants of meeting. Present were divided into two camps one of which supported the former vitrenkovets and I claimed that they have to continue to vote, adherents of another declared that these deputies have to leave a conference hall and not take part in further work of session.

Sharpness of a situation was that, according to the lawyer of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, the decisions made with the participation of withdrawn deputies - vitrenkovets, can be really appealed in court. Thus, all 2-x day work of a depuy corps on 27 sessions could come to nothing.

Having listened to a reason voice, responsible for the conflict agreed with the offer to remain in a hall, but not to take part in vote. After that work went quicker.

Considering a situation, deputies decided to return to the decisions made earlier. Having undergone quite difficult procedure, people's deputies made decisions "package".

Further the destiny of deputies and vacant places in city council will be solved by the Territorial election commission.


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