Inclusion of part of Makeyevka in borders of Donetsk can strike on land users

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Source: ostro-org

Inclusion of part of the Chervonogvardeysky district of Makeyevka in borders of the city of Donetsk will entail change in the taxation for land users of this site. The chief of Head department Goskomzema in Donetsk region Sergey Gushchik told about it today at a deputy bottom in Donetsk regional council.

He noted that any change of borders of the settlement bears not only increase in the most territorial bulk, but also and change of conditions for those land users which join.

"A painful question - inclusion of additional territories in borders of the city of Donetsk. Inclusion in borders of the city of Donetsk will entail change of conditions for land users. Why? In the city of Makeyevka the regulatory base on the taxation is lower. That's all. Those who will be included in borders of the territory of the city of Donetsk, their taxation will increase at once. It is necessary to coordinate with them, but the land code of it doesn't provide", - S. Gushchik noted.

We will remind that discussion about accession of part of Makeyevka to Donetsk goes long ago. According to the General plan of Donetsk the part of the Chervonogvardeysky district of Makeyevka gets to an internal ring of a bypass road round Donetsk, and, therefore, has to enter the territory of the regional center. In this case Makeyevka becomes 7300 thousand less than hectares and almost on 80 thousand people. The city authorities of Makeyevka oppose categorically such turn of events. The mayor of Makeyevka Alekandr Maltsev considers that Donetsk has to repair at first roads on "Gvardeyke", carry out gas and water, to make capital repairs of housing, and then only to attach to itself this territory. Only the Verkhovna Rada can make the decision on change of city borders.


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