BYuT will be overcome for voices of Tatars. Majlis in thoughts

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Rather future elections just build guesses, and birthmarks of extraordinary campaign already it is available. The Cabinet of Ministers approved the bill "About Renewal of the Rights of the Persons Deported on a National Sign". Obviously, BYuT is ready to be overcome once again with "our Ukraine" and Majlis for voices of the Crimean Tatars.

We will remind that the law with the similar name already was adopted once by BP of Ukraine. In July, 2004 for it voted the majority нардепов, but the president Kuchma vetoed on the document. Since then passed 4 years, and during this time the bill remembered not once, as a rule, on the eve of elections or on May 18. The last time it was-2007 in the middle of extraordinary campaign. The Crimean office of BYuT declared the prepared alternative version of the law. I passed year, and on any inexplicable coincidence the bill again remembered on the eve of elections. This time new edition of the document left a subsoil of Cabinet of Ministers, and to it laid a hand a great number of officials. "It is a motley crew from different previous practices, and our offers were included in it part", - Sergey Velizhansky reported "1K" нардеп from BYuT. Tactical motive "byutovets", naturally, deny. "It is possible to bring any bill to such conclusion, - Sergey Konstantinovich speaks. - I personally prepared 7 bills, and they lie in Rada without movement".

But doesn't hide disappointment new edition of the bill of the vice-president of Majlis. "The bill empty, - R. Chubarov told "1K". - It is absolutely unacceptable for me that object of this bill are not the krymskotatarsky people, and directly the persons which have undergone deportation, and their children. It considerably narrows a circle of people on whom the law is directed. So, in the new version of the bill grandsons and great-grandsons of the persons which have undergone deportation, are referred to category of family members deported".

According to Chubarov, in the document there is no norm directed on compensation of damage. "There is even no the minimum compensation provided in the law on victims of political repressions, - the deputy chairman of Majlis speaks.- There were beyond the scope of the law repressed veterans of national movement". In all document Chubarov noted the only positive moment, but also it, in his opinion, is right there leveled by other provisions. "It is the provision of the law guaranteeing to repatriates the right for the settlement in that administrative point, it from where was deported or his parents, - Chubarov analyzes. - But other point providing allocation of the earth deported within land legislation, right there crosses out this positive moment".

At the leader of Crimean "byutovets" on this bill the point of view. "The main thing that this document has to be. In this situation - to start it discussing the most correct, and in the course of discussion it will change, - Andrey Senchenko told "1K". - And it is so possible to produce bills, but also only". Nardep doesn't doubt that different groups have population and various political forces there will be inconsistent views of this document, but nevertheless is sure that it is necessary to all categories of citizens, and not just the Crimean Tatars. "As the taxpayer I has to know, on what there is my money, including under the article "arrangement of the deported", - Senchenko speaks. - For now there is no law, there is a soil for frauds, for example, with earth allocation".

The discontent of the first deputy chairman of Majlis with the bill of the leader of Crimean "byutovets" didn't surprise. Hostility of these two political forces old and mutual. Any more one election campaign of BYuT I built the tactics in relation to the Crimean Tatars on ruthless criticism of Majlis. That, in turn, beat off but as - that faded, without burning bridges and as if leaving a reserve for the future. When a year ago "National Rukh" - the traditional partner of Majlis on elections - almost appeared behind line of an electoral threshold, Moustapha Dzhemilev after short fluctuations declared that will go to elections in the NUNS lists. The benefit then everything was settled to mutual pleasure, but it costed the mandate нардепа to Refat Chubarov. What will be a format of the new block if elections again not far off, and the rating of "our Ukraine", obviously, decreased, anybody yet won't tell. Judging by comments, the Majlis in good time leaves itself a field for maneuver and evasively answers a question with whom it will go to elections. "All society now in thoughts, - Refat Chubarov told about it "1K". - A lot of things will depend on what exit from the created situation will offer politicians. Anybody doesn't oblige anybody to vote for one political force,


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