BYuT thanks (the chief forester and the hunter of area Pyotr Palamaryuk remained at the position)

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Today, 19-го September, the building of the regional state administration was picketed by the Nikolaev ecologists - members of Public council at regional management of ecology and protection of surrounding environment. Picketers accused management of forest and hunting economy of the Nikolaev area for illegal, in their opinion, opening of hunting for territories of regional landscape park "Kinburnsky Braid", and demanded resignation of the chief forester and the chief hunter of area in one person - Petra Palamarueka.

The second day in Nikolaev there are rains. So, it with an ulterior motive. Ecologists and called the picket - "Earth Crying". According to them, Earth mourns over Red Book birds who were killed by hunters on the Kinburnsky Spit. Picket was exposed prior to XIV-work й sessions of regional council.

At the session the deputy of regional council Lyubov Kobylyanskaya who also is the member of Public council at ecology management, read the address in which designated all harm done prirodno - to reserved fund of the Nikolaev area after on Kinburna began to hunt actively.

- The Red List is urged to protect rare species of animals and plants, to keep for us our ecological niche, to prevent extinction of representatives of rare species. Hunting in a reserved zone led to mass destruction of rare species of birds, destruction of the environment of their dwelling, - Lyubov Kobylyasnkaya then called rare species of birds who shot back hunters on the Kinburnsky Spit told.

According to her, the hunting established order wasn't observed, so - hunting needs to be considered illegal. And Lyubov Kobylyanskaya considers as responsible for such illegal actions Pyotr Palamaryuk who signed the decree about opening of a season of hunting for RLP "Kinburnsky Braid" territories.

- Any more one year ago the recreation was transferred to territories of the Kinburnsky Braid to foresters.But not only that money from vacationers is raised regularly - the territory of reserved object is turned into a dump, and the coast - in a latrine. I can show all this in photos, - Kobylyanskaya continued. - Considering that Palamaryuk - not only the chief hunter and the forester of our area, but also the secretary of the "ecological" commission of regional council, in the circumstances forces to look narrowly at its activity attentively. And whether the person, capable to go for poaching is worthy, to hold a leading post in the commission on ecology? And that costed by the scandal of the last time connected with transfer of the coast of Koblevo and Rybakovki for 49 years?.

Lyubov Kobylyanskaya addressed to the colleagues - deputies to hold exit meeting of presidium of regional council with involvement of representatives from the public on the Kinburnsky Spit for the purpose of check of activity of "forestry". Then, following the results of meeting - to raise a question of mistrust expression to Pyotr Palamaryuk, as to the secretary of the "ecological" commission. And there already to address in the state committee of forestry about Palamaryuk's removal from a position of the chief of regional management of forest and hunting economy.

The Palamaryuk who is also the deputy of a regional council, didn't speak at session. But, the deputy from Party of Regions Pyotr Palamaryuk was spoken out in defense by the representative of Tymoshenko Bloc.

- It simply slander on Palamaryuk - and as on the deputy and as on the head of department, - the deputy from BYuT Anatoly Nikolenko spoke. - How many there is a Kinburnsky Braid, hunting there was always carried out... I consider such illumination of questions inadmissible...

At the same time the g - Nikolenko's N recognized that to the Kinburnsky Braid really it is a lot of rare and disappearing birds. But, on his belief, it doesn't mean that hunting shouldn't be carried out. And the hunters who have violated rules of hunting, services which work at the Kinburnsky Spit have to punish.

Nevertheless, the address which was read by Kobylyanskaya, will be considered by the relevant services of the regional state administration for acceptance of a final decision. It was declared by the chairman of a regional council Tatyana Demchenko.

The head of fraction of the Block of Natalia Vitrenko "National opposition" Larisa Shesler acted:

- I want to bring to your attention that with 2-го September Lyubov Viktorovna Kobylyanskaya isn't the deputy of regional council, according to the decision of the highest governing body of Blok of Natalia Vitrenko.

But Larisa Vilenovna was interrupted by the deputy from KPU Nikolay Dzardanov:

- It is bad when the beautiful woman tells nonsenses.


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