Yaroslav the Wise is called the greatest Ukrainian of all times

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On the end of finishing show of the Great Ukrainians project "Inter" declared results of public vote for the greatest Ukrainian of all times. The prince Kiev Yaroslav the Wise became him.

The project proceeded eight months. For all this period about two and a half million votes of TV viewers were received. It is a world record.

On April 11 it was declared one hundred and ten the velikichayshikh of our compatriots, chosen as a result. Within 35 days the Inter TV channel showed documentary films own production about each of ten great Ukrainians.

At the time of the program beginning on vote among ten great Ukrainians in edition of the project arrived one million five hundred thirty three thousand ninety one voice 1533591. Both in studio, and during "popular vote" the authoritative company GFK which has long-term experience of sociological and market researches was engaged in counting of votes.

Votes were distributed as follows:

1. Yaroslav the Wise
2. Nikolay Amosov
3. Stepan of Bander
4. Taras Shevchenko
5. Bogdan Khmelnytsky
6. Valery Lobanovsky
7. Vyacheslav Chernovil
8. Grigory Skovoroda
9. Lesya Ukrainian
10. Iván Franco

The format of the teleproject was acquired by Inter TV channel at Bee - би - SI, its original name - 100 Greatest Britons ("100 Great British"). By the way, for the first time in the history of domestic television, the Ukrainian TV channel got not entertaining, and socially - the political project.

After success of the British project in 2002, "Great" in due time chose and in the USA, Germany, France, Finland, the Czech Republic, Belgium and other countries. And everywhere the project became not simply new TV show, and the loud national action realized by television. In France, during the project political debate stormed, but in a top - to ten great there was only one politician - Charles de Gaulle. In the USA, opposite - in ten there were seven presidents as the greatest of which Ronald Reagan was recognized. Among great British there was no place to Byron, and Winston Churchill overtook Shakespeare.

In Ukraine results of the project also were rather unexpected: Taras Shevchenko, the first person whom remember when the speech comes about Ukrainian great, appeared on the fourth place. Ukrainians gave the third place of honor to Stepan Bander - to the leader of the Ukrainian nationalists, the chairman Provoda of OUN. "Silver" - at Nikolay Amosov, the surgeon who has achieved special success in surgical treatment of diseases of heart, lungs, and also in in branch of modeling of mental functions of a brain.

And the greatest Ukrainian it is called Yaroslav the Wise - the person thanks to whom Kievan Rus' turned into the mighty European state; at the time of its board "Yaroslav's Truth" (the oldest part of laws of the Old Russian right - "The Rusky Truth") was made.


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