Precedent in Nikolaevsk the City Council! All decisions "on the ground", made till 2002, can be cancelled

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At the second plenary session 27-й sessions of the Nikolaev City Council one of the most rough discussions was devoted to cancellation of the decision of Lenin regional council of People's Deputies of 15.12.1995 No. 233 regulating creation of parking spaces for motor transport.

According to this decision, in 1995 People's Deputies provided the right to organize parkings in Leninsky district to the Vektor enterprise, having allocated for these purposes the land plots. In 1999, already deputies of city council gave the same site to using to certain individuals. There was a slip - at decision-making in 1999 deputies of the City Council didn't consider the decision of deputies - Leninists. As it became clear almost in ten years, as a result of it the Vektor enterprise incurred losses and filed a lawsuit, demanding them to compensate. Having won lawsuits and having reached the Supreme Court of Ukraine, "Vector" proved the claims for the sum of 500 thousand UAH

How now to leave this situation, deputies of the Nikolaev City Council of present convocation solved very roughly.

For discussion of deputies the matter was submitted by the head of department of legal providing the Nikolaev city council Konstantin Golubenko.

Proving need of cancellation of the decision of Lenin regional council of People's Deputies of 15.12.1995 No. 233, he declared that this decision doesn't correspond to the Land Code of Ukraine which was adopted in 2002.

In response to it the deputy - the regional Pyotr Zibrov who reported acted that on consideration of the deputy commission on legality the matter didn't pass.

"You to us and at meeting of the commission couldn't adduce arguments pro this decision. And now you submit this question for session", - P. Zibrov declared.

K. Golubenko answered it approximately the following: "You, Pyotr Vasilyevich, simply didn't want me to listen at commission meeting. You lobby interests of "Vector".

Then mutual recriminations began.

Seeing succession of events, the Nikolaev mayor Vladimir Chaika interfered with dispute also. He declared that the Vektor enterprise won court and now it needs to pay 500 thousand UAH:"Management of finance, prepare money. And I don't know where we will take them, probably it is necessary to cut down social programs …"

From a hall was heard: "We didn't make this decision! Why we have to pay? "

However V. Chaika quickly calmed all and reminded present that deputies of this convocation are receivers of deputies of last convocations and similar statements are incorrect.

Pyotr Zibrov, in turn, suggested to find guilty in this situation and to force them to pay the sum of losses to the Vektor enterprise.

On what V. Chaika, smiling, I answered: "You want - look for and make them a claim …"

Having been tired of useless disputes, deputies decided to postpone matter consideration to the session end, that is next day. it voted pro the 58th people's deputy.

In the comment to the correspondent "Crime. There is no Pyotr Zibrov" let know that he tried to resist to cancellation of the decision of Lenin regional council at all from - for personal interests. According to him, thus precedent will be created, from - for which people will think that it is possible to cancel all decisions on the land questions, made till 2002 - the Land Code took effect then.

K. Golubenko refused any comments, having declared that without the permission of the management he won't speak about anything.

And today, already at the third plenary session of the XXVI session of city council, the matter brought up again.

This time everything was quiet as leaders of fractions discussed it out of a sessional hall.

After days, since the moment when the matter was brought up at session, the decision on "Cancellation of the decision of Lenin regional council of People's Deputies" was made. But not from the moment of its acceptance, and from coming into force of the Land Code of Ukraine.

Agitating for adoption of this decision, the Nikolaev mayor V. Chaika told that he will personally meet representatives of "Vector" and will try to resolve an issue concerning compensation of their losses.

"We will offer them other sites, let they work …", - V. Chaika declared.

To whom adoption of the similar decision is favorable, to judge very difficult. But there is a logical question to the leader of fraction of Party of Regions in the City Council Pyotr Zibrov: instead of whether creates precedent the decision which was made today?


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