Yushchenko agrees to BYuT and PR

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The president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko is ready to dismiss the Verkhovna Rada if the new parliamentary coalition isn't created in the terms specified by the law. This Yushchenko declared, being on a visit in the Luhansk region, reports a press - service of the head of state. According to the president, negotiations between BYuT, PR and communists take place rather well, demonstration of that is the coordinated work of these political forces in BP.

Making comments on these contacts, Yushchenko declared that is ready to welcome any negotiation process, as this right of political forces of parliament. "If in this union final agreements are reached, I as the president and it will accept. I won't do audit to this or that attempt to create the coalition in parliament", - he told.

"But if political partners of the word don't tell, then the word will be told by the president of the country", - Yushchenko declared.

It assured that is adjusted structurally and gives the chance to parliamentarians to find recovery from the crisis independently. At the same time, it reminded that on coalition creation the Constitution takes away 30 days.

Yushchenko: Voters of BYuT and PR don't like their union. The president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko considers that voters of BYuT and PR don't perceive their hypothetical union. This Yushchenko declared, being on a visit in the Luhansk region, reports a press - service of the head of state.

"The prime minister - the minister considered that it is possible to put on the Ukrainian shirt twice for a year, twice to arrive to the Lvov area, three times to tell with galitsky accent "my dear", - and the Western Ukraine on a lap", - Yushchenko told, having noted that the western regions opposite want to see realization of those national priorities about which it was agreed between democratic forces.

"Exchange by chairs, exchange by small motivations disturbs today nobody. The nation lives absolutely other expectations", - the head of state considers. In his opinion, today the prime minister - the minister has a choice:whether it defends national interests which are for it prime in policy, whether it lobbies own interests and for this purpose needs other partners.


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