The car of the Kiev city hall will be bought … by officials

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Auction promised by the mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky at which it is planned to sell about 200 expensive cars of Kiyevgorgosadministration the city power, will be resold to the same city officials, but "on cheap stuff".

"…" I stated such assumption to the Newspaper ex-the deputy Kiyevsoveta from "our Ukraine" Elena Ledovskikh.

A year ago, officials persistently convinced Kiyevsovet's commission concerning property into which entered Ledovskikh that they need to update vehicle fleet allegedly for more operational work, she told. Therefore were bought new "Opel" and "Toyotas - Kamri" are cars business - a class. And, "Toyotas - Kamri" intended for chiefs of head departments, and for the average level of officials - "Opel". Ledovskikh it is surprised that now unexpectedly officials changed the opinion and decided to sell almost brand new cars.

She stated the version that for officials purchase at auction of these cars at ostatochno cost can be favorable. And, at the auction officials for certain will get a car through intermediaries so to prove something it will be impossible.

Ledovskikh it is also sure that trying to make public relations on sale of vehicle fleet of KGGA, Chernovetsky goes into extremes - officials can't do absolutely without motor transport. It considerably will complicate their work.

We will remind that the mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky stated intention to sell about 200 office cars of officials of a gorgosadministration by auction, and to send money to the city budget. Auction is planned to carry out in October. At the same time, while it isn't known what will be conditions of participation in competition what will be the starting prices of sold cars who will act as their appraiser.

As the Newspaper …" reported October earlier "the management of the capital intends to stop vehicle fleet financing as, according to the city hall, annually service of one car costs to the city budget 150-170 thousand hryvnias, and to check breakages of the car and the cost of necessary spare parts it is impossible.

However, the Kiev top, won't suffer from car sale of KGGA as goes by much more expensive cars.So, the mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky goes by "Maybakhe", but at a wheel of its car it is possible to see not only the personal driver of the mayor, but also Kiyevsovet's secretary Olesya Dovgogo who also has personal a car - "BMW" of the seventh model.

KGGA which was the deputy head of Irena Kilchitskaya (she is on friendly terms with Chernovetsky' family and which returns to the city hall after a maternity leave already expect) has three elite foreign cars. It "Bentley Kontinental GT" a muliner - a package (sports tuning), "Porsh Kayen S" and "Hammer H3" by which there goes its protection.


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